Pizza Girl on the Kisscam

Pizza Girl on the Kisscam

This girl is in love with dominos on the Atlanta Hawks kisscam (4-19-16).

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20 Responses

  1. Hayden Russell says:

    I can relate

  2. Joel Duberley says:


  3. flyersluver4eva says:

    Anything for attention, slut.

  4. Cman says:

    I’m in love!

  5. None None says:

    Meeeee affffff tbh

  6. Joshua Plummer says:

    That’s my friend Kourtney Shales!!

  7. Ramzi Essaid says:

    Yeah, she’s the best human that’s ever lived. It’s indisputable.

  8. Chad Vital says:

    I hope you idiots realize that most of these “incidents” on the kiss cam
    like the pizza girl, or some girl making out with another person instead of
    her bf, or pouring drinks on him, are all scripted, and fake right?

  9. Ed0n says:

    i find this very easy to masturbate to

  10. Surreality says:


  11. CoCo edward says:

    Future wife..going to town on that pizza haha

  12. TiffanyMarie says:

    lmao pizza is true love

  13. Flesh Sandwich says:

    I’m in love.

  14. Rajib Rahman says:


  15. AdTheBaron says:

    Fuck the p.d.a I love pizza!!!????

  16. Norman Fong says:

    Two handing those ? slices… Mad respect.

  17. Shazza C says:

    The couple got in the way of the real action behind them…

  18. Kim Jong Un says:

    My spirit animal

  19. SunnyvaleRS says:


  20. moiraine_damodred says:

    lmao what a fuckin boss ass bitch