Dennis How To Video –

Had a lot of fun making this video. Please Like and Share to be a General.

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20 Responses

  1. JayPlatinum911 says:

    kids in africa could have ate those wheels

  2. HelloSerg says:


  3. Betty says:

    Perfect way to clear a crowd.

  4. Apache Mayan says:

    Finally we have audio comments!


  5. Punith Raj says:

    anyone else like seeing them girls freaking out !

  6. Hubert Applebaum says:

    Splinter #TMNT

  7. Johnny Rol says:

    great job Dennis and Jesse.

  8. She Flys says:

    Haha. It’s cute! :P

  9. J. Moralde says:

    Master Splinter, is that you?!

  10. TheCrazyChickenVideos says:

    The rat looks like a king with every one moving out of the way?

  11. Alex Trifonov says:

    jesiseee jena

  12. ajaaniajaa says:

    Why is Dennis doing the prank? Is this not Jesse and Jeana’s channel?

  13. AstridCat says:

    -*’kicks*’ :D

  14. CookieDerp says:

    Idk this guy made me laugh so hard. 0:53
    “WTF WTF?!”

  15. Max Burke says:

    Why do you post such short videos??????? More!!!!!

  16. Mohammed Farooq says:

    after eating that pizza the rat will become fat.

  17. HardwarePoint says:

    Coño, creía que estabas en España?
    Y es que es una guiri Española allí jajaja

  18. CrazyJJB says:

    PVP dfn

  19. Jasmine BeyonceFan says:

    Omg! That is too funny!! Lol!

  20. Piinkham says:

    1:18 yeah my baby is 36 months