Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower

I remember playing this on the pizza hut demo disc.

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47 Responses

  1. William Schoen says:

    You can tell dunkey likes a game when he say almost nothing about the gameplay

  2. C V says:

    I’ve never seen a videogame more handcrafted specifically for Dunkey

  3. El Hopper says:

    Pizza Tower is truly the first pizza type game. Thanks to the developers for making such a masterpiece

  4. soundslikepizza says:

    Now this is my kinda game

  5. Bleddyn's Studio says:

    A truly great game. There’s no pizza topping this one

  6. I Double J says:

    On a serious note the visuals are so unique and filled with life. This game looks great

    • Nexus Kirin says:

      Literally some 90s Nick cartoon

    • Prize Thought says:

      Yup, this is a true video game, its rare to see this type of game with spirit & heart in it made anymore

    • KineticZen says:

      @Bryant G Obviously not Kobe Bryant’s kiddo here.

    • MossyMoth says:

      I checked the release today, 2023. Given that fact I guess it wouldn’t be original but given competition and other recent games I guess one could argue the style is unique/different. It’s not anything that hasn’t been done before but it is still well executed imo either way

    • Telefrag says:

      It’s not really unique, that’s how some PC games looked in the 90’s. Devs nailed that nostalgic style.

  7. Anthony Neils says:

    Glad rocky’s getting the credit he deserves for his amazing performances. Thanks dunkey!

    • ravenblades1670 says:

      @Zenith of Greed I can’t believe he didn’t show his greatest masterpiece, Attack of the Killer Tomato Sauce.

    • Andrew Lindner says:

      I’m just glad he included a quick shot of the rocky rococo bus in Madison, with the glowing eye tail lights at 5:33.

    • Ben Gikow says:

      cool icon!

    • DKing says:

      @Zenith of Greed Whenever I’m out of state and am craving pizza, i’m reminded of how great Rocky’s is, same for Culvers

    • Leroytirebiter says:

      What’s even crazier is he is a character from a 1969 comedy album by the Firesign Theater, which is in itself a parody of the name of a Beatles song “Rocky Raccoon”

  8. El chad says:

    This guy really did play every single game ever created

  9. TEHSMISH says:

    Honestly surprised it took dunk this long to make a pizza tower video. The moment I saw this game I immediately thought “this is a dunkey game” it’s soo good

    • A Buck says:

      @SgtLion he made a video about Forspoken like right when it came out, and that’s a dogshit game. This Microsoft paint looking funny platformer is literally the type of shit he loves. I’m surprised it took him so long to make a video about it too

    • SgtLion says:

      It’s not even been out two months, dang

    • Aflay says:

      Many said the same about Vinny and Jerma and boy howdy I’m beginning to see a pattern.

  10. Morning Mac says:

    Pizza Tower is the type of game all gamers need to play at least once, truly the pizza game of our time.

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