PK Subban street hockey in SoDo

PK Subban street hockey in SoDo

PK Subban pops by to take some shots on Jack.

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20 Responses

  1. bacvain says:

    +darren0306 LOL that was despicable me evil laugh

  2. Abdullah Alfadly says:

    Pk is cool 

  3. Gerry Neeson says:

    Awesome!! That’s why pro hockey players are different!!

  4. sintonado says:

    These are the kind of things kids will never forget, to the point that some
    of these kids cherish so much they grow up to actually play professionally.

  5. Artemis Entreri says:

    Or PK scores on a little kid a few times 😉

    (then some other kid mocks the Habs Powerplay)

  6. Mike Arts says:

    Donnez une chance au kid il a des pads cooper directement sorti de la fin
    des annees 80 avec le legendaire blocker road warrior! cest vintage ca lol

  7. eggnbaconful says:

    oh look…6 leafs fans…

  8. Jens Lindmark says:

    The dog is like “Meh, PK who? Wake me up when Lassie comes.”

  9. Claudia Lighter says:

    What street is it on? And wow, P.K.’s the new Jean Béliveau!!

  10. Me2ooboob says:

    One lucky boy! PK is playing up to the kid, Priceless!! :)

  11. Jason Sputnik says:

    Subban is a class act off the ice.

  12. Ron Smith says:

    Class act !

  13. Stas Nosov says:

    +Kirill Chufarov +Dmitry Krinitcyn )))

  14. darren0306 says:

    Wouldn’t it have been funny if PK just wound up and powdered one by the kid

  15. Valérie Lemay says:

    What does SoDo mean?

  16. Patrick Star says:

    “Galchenyuk or Pacioretty? which one?”

    “It depends if you score”


  17. manchester united says:

    that dog walks like a monkey.

  18. CrashStastic says:

    an fyi: This area that they’re playing in is called “westmount” – A highly
    wealthy place, very wealthy. [Yes those are apartments but its in the
    heart of the city of montreal, again it costs a lot to live there], Would
    love to see him play some street hockey in other neighbor hoods

  19. F Dannn says:

    Cool! I just hope PK is staying safe and looking over his shoulder down
    there, with the American police practices with black civilians I don’t want
    him to be fatally wounded for just being PK.

  20. joe doe says:

    Was the filmed with a can opener?