PLAGUE DOCTOR Imposter Role in Among Us

PLAGUE DOCTOR Imposter Role in Among Us

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Join Player, Mr. Cheese, TheGentleman and all your other Among Us Logic favorites as they play a new and SPOOKY Imposter Role mod! This time around it’s the dreaded Plague Doctor, otherwise known as SCP-049! Be wary, for they are quite deadly and if you are killed by them, then you come back as a member of the living dead! Who will win? Who will even survive?! Let’s find out!

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Original Author(s):
► “The Plague Doctor” based upon “SCP-049” written by Gabriel Jade

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36 Responses

  1. MCmonstructUK says:

    Funniest Gentleman lines:
    That’s right, rowr
    Oh boyyy, oh baby!
    Dah- VICTORY
    zombie tiime, zombieeee
    Dead spodyyy dead spodyyy yeeaaah

  2. Arielle Wasiak says:

    Poor B-Day getting stuck outside of the ship 😂

  3. Bryan Li says:

    Gentleman: Wears one top hat
    Everyone: Wait, that’s illegal

  4. K 9 says:

    The Gentleman: Stay out of the room B-Day
    B-Day: Leave game

  5. Abdulrehman Kharadi says:

    mother: there’s going to be Fried vocals

  6. Emlyn Slattery says:

    Now lets try to join the same code



  7. Captain MrChesse says:

    Among Us Logic: Player always loses Among Us Adventures: Player always wins

  8. Shadow_ Showdown UWU says:

    And to this day, BDay is trapped outside the skeld

  9. Elliotthegamer2010 says:

    4:24 : The Gentlemen : Oh hello- AHHHHH!!

  10. Epsilon1000Pro says:

    MrCheese and Player not only have the drip

    They got the SWAG

  11. aesethetic vibes says:

    *”I may not be the imposter- but I will knife u”* XD im cracking up so hard LOL

  12. Kingplays says:

    Gentleman looks like a plague doctor
    Me: I don’t think he’s gentle also sus

  13. Ashlyzc11 Gaming says:

    Player: follow me if u want to win
    Mr. Cheese: i love how u say follow u if u want to win but u always lose.

    This has me😆😆😆😆

  14. That one person says:

    Player: its kill or be killed
    Flowey: hello guys welcome to player’s genocide run

  15. Mr. Fromage says:

    The sad thing is, BDay has more appearances in AUA than AUL 🙁

  16. XxAngely._.GamingxX says:

    Mr Cheese:Wait what-

  17. Amelia Palmadessa says:

    Every time I see gentleman: rEgInaLD fRoM tHE ToppAt aIrsHIP TrailEr

  18. Scarlett Galipo Turner says:

    Playee: * infects Mr cheese*
    Mr cheese: brains
    Me: dude that’s so unstable XD

  19. Brandon Tan says:

    Mr Egg wearing Yellow
    Me: Wait that’s illegal
    (Sorry if this was commented)

  20. Golden Freddy 0n YT says:

    Everyone: has a color
    Poor MrEgg: Literally any open color close to orange

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