Planet Coaster, but a random disaster happens every 5 minutes

Planet Coaster, but a random disaster happens every 5 minutes

Everything can be solved by adding more bathrooms.

This was streamed live on Twitch!
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Edited by Keke!

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About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food

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42 Responses

  1. Mr Ducky says:

    As a janitor, I’m very excited to see some representation! Haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m sure it puts us as a janitorial community in a great light. Unfortunately my child was eaten by a cannibal a few months ago, so some appreciation for my line of work will definitely make my day!

  2. First Name Last Name says:

    This whole situation deserves an animated series, imagine the suspense when Joniter is hired

  3. WizerdOfDerp says:

    Honestly, it’s hard to pick a favorite part of DougLand for me growing up. They all instill such nostalgia – I’m torn between 5,000-Benchland, the iconic giant balloon towers, or the magnificent giant Pirate Ship rainbow.

    • gideon says:

      @Stealthfang 270 I love the part where it goes up, and then – get this – it goes back down.

    • Stealthfang 270 says:

      My favourite part about it is that we’re all still there, trapped, eternally. That one cart ride is pretty sick though so I’m not complaining

    • Shapshap Shapshap says:

      @WizerdOfDerp yeah that ride was wild! I remember my best friend after the ride was so insistent on going on it a second time! I think he may had been kicked out cause of it cause I saw him walking with one of the janitors somewhere, that put me in a sour mood but man taking a bite into the burgers they made their brightened everything! Reminded me of my bud a little.

    • Some Cutesy Eldritch Horror says:

      I loved watching the Pirate Ship Rainbow collapse onto a large crowd of park goers when I was a kid. Truly magical.

    • gideon says:

      You survived growing up in DougLand? You’re one tough motherfucker, man.

  4. DAS Känguru says:

    Now if only Doug would acknowledge the random disasters happening in his basement every day

  5. Christmas Kitten says:

    I just love how this challenge ended up with Twitch chat and an A.I creating lore for a theme park on the verge of bankruptcy.

    • Kino Smead says:

      I mean, that’s literally every DougDoug challenge. Doug tries to play the videogame and chat is making up buckets of lore about whether or not Doug is employed by an Applebees, or asking him for Groceries, orscreaming about Yawnitor the Cannibal Janitor (Cannitor)

  6. Carrie Parton says:

    This had absolutely everything. Drama, suspense, pathos, extended lore, a glorious cart ride cut down in his prime. This was an absolutely perfect DougDoug video!

  7. Panko Breadcrumbs says:

    This had absolutely everything. Drama, suspense, pathos, extended lore, a glorious cart ride cut down in his prime. This was an absolutely perfect DougDoug video!

  8. John Welsh says:

    Today was an awful Valentines. The divorce was finalized and I heard my ex wife has already moved on to some Janitor who shares my name. Glad Dougdoug uploaded a new vid so I can take my mind off that.

  9. Zenlore says:

    The puns and wordplay are top tier today, well done everyone!

  10. Pokko says:

    man, this video was quite the rollercoaster

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