Platinum Ticket: Kenedi Anderson’s Lady GaGa Cover Deserves APPLAUSE – American Idol 2022

Platinum Ticket: Kenedi Anderson’s Lady GaGa Cover Deserves APPLAUSE – American Idol 2022

The judges are left floored by Kenedi’s vocals, and Katy Perry is now a part of the KeniCat fandom. Our judges are so excited, and believe in Kenedi so much that she’s worthy of the PLATINUM TICKET!

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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.

American Idol 2022

Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, for the historic 20th season.

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35 Responses

  1. KAMIIKAZEExx says:

    She doesn’t need this competition. She needs a record deal.

  2. __ashlee_ bee says:

    I cannot stop watching. As a performer, She really has it all

  3. myinfinitestate says:

    My goodness I got goosebumps. Shes’s so incredibly humble. Her voice is absolutely brilliant; and she’s so beautiful. What an amazing performance….Perfection!

    • michael backhus says:

      “And she’s so beautiful” Oh boy. Is that part of the criteria for winning this competition? I would hope the judges would be blind to that notion.

  4. Felipe says:

    Sign her already. She’s got the voice, the looks, she’s humble and she can make it big in the industry.

    • Roadnottaken27 says:

      @Cara Jentzen that’s right, Mama Cass? She had a great voice. Mick Jagger isn’t Hollywood handsome but he has tons of charisma and talent.

    • Louie Porcarelli says:

      @Cara Jentzen same with Ed Sheeran …I remember when he first came on the scene, Wendy Williams slammed his unconventional looks😔

    • Louie Porcarelli says:

      @Chris Perez same with bbc in porno movies 🤭 people don’t know how it act!!

    • Myrna Bergen says:


    • Cara Jentzen says:

      @smallz88 Not always. But it helps for marketing. People made fun of how Barbra Streisand looked for years. Aretha wasn’t known for her looks, she was known for her voice. There’s a lot of artists originally thought to be “too ethnic” (Cher) who turned into huge stars- and were actually great talents but judged different because of whatever bias of the time. Then they became super popular and iconic.

  5. Austin Ashburn says:

    Her song choice was IMMACULATE.

    • NONOYZKIE TUBE says:

      Katy Perry’s Eyes When She HEARD her own Voice Tone on that first Verse. Vocally the runs were same, same as KATY, on a Lady Gaga song 😂Smart Choice! If she sang Fire Works, Roar, Or Dark Horse her Tones & FALSETTO will be sounded very much likely KATY PERRY.

    • EmpireOnEighteenth says:

      The only word that accurate describes it because it was utter perfection

    • Ahmad Balbisi says:

      Not only that…. She freakn nailed ittt!

  6. Jael Espinoza says:

    her voice is INSANE!!! Shes gonna be a force of nature in this competition!

  7. Jay’nnel Enrique says:

    NOW….. that’s a VOICE!!! She forsureeeeee got the total package!!!! PERIOD!!!

  8. guilbert says:

    I don’t see a single twitch in her face when she hit those high notes. Singing to her is just like breathing. What a talent. Congratulations.

  9. DM says:

    So far she is the best vocalist I’ve heard. She should definitely be in the top 5. She has the whole package. Vocally she’s amazing, she’s beautiful & she plays the 🎹 very well. We may be looking at the 2022 American Idol winner

    • Rick shaheen says:

      Dont worry some good looking guy will be in it to and get girl votes because more females vote.

    • michael backhus says:

      @Jake ‘JC’ Carey Exactly, I’ve seen several comments that mention her appearance as an attribute. She had a good audition. A girl last week sang/with guitar and sang it straight without a lot of scaling. her voice (sound) was amazing and was crisp and loud. Already a star, looked and sounded nothing like Kenedi who sounds just like dozens of singers that will go to LA. BTW, That girl didn’t have the Kenedi look until she sang and was suddenly gorgeous.

    • Jake ‘JC’ Carey says:

      @DM Unfortunately Nicolina doesn’t look like a Barbie so she isn’t getting the same reaction even though she’s a superior singer.

    • Jake ‘JC’ Carey says:

      @DM I have a feeling you wouldn’t be saying that if she didn’t look the way she does

    • DM says:

      @Jake ‘JC’ Carey to me it sounds like your hating on Kenedi. I heard Nicolina sing & she can sing well, but it’s my opinion that Kenedi is better. Also she wasn’t yelling when she hit those high notes, she had total control.

  10. Carolejean6 C says:

    She’s going to be a contender in this show the best yet!

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