Playboi Carti – @ MEH [Official Video]

Playboi Carti – @ MEH [Official Video]

Playboi Carti – @ MEH
Directed by Playboi Carti & Nick Walker
Produced by: jetsonmade

DP: Caleb Seales
Colorist: Brandon Chavez
Photography by Gunner Stahl

#PlayboiCarti #atMEH

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45 Responses

  1. SUSLord69 says:

    “How much red you want in wlr?”
    Carti: Meh

  2. Light_fade says:

    Carti: spitting lyrics that no one understands
    Aliens: this shit FIRE

  3. Dark - Clash Royale says:

    Director: Carti you got any ideas for the music video?
    Carti: Wasdchhwasdjwasdishi

  4. Radian says:

    Everyone: “Whole Lotta dissapointment, this ain’t wlr.”

    Me: “Mf did you see any red?”

  5. Gnarly Nate says:

    Producer: soooo is this song made for babies or…

    Carti: meh.

  6. arelivent says:

    When carti said “ꀭꀸꀭꌗꈤ꒒ꌗꀘ ꀭꍟꋪꀘ ꀭꂦꌃ ꀸꀭ ꀸꀭ ꀭꋪ ꌃꋪꂦ” I felt that 😔😔😔

  7. arkheops says:

    Carti: “dapncyuaoinchixatixs”

    Infants: “this dude spitting!”

  8. Shisui's Best Friend says:

    This is what Carti+young thug sounds like

  9. Lil Woozie says:


  10. Filip Bojanic says:

    My man just dropped a song and made that “guess the gibberish” effect on instagram, give him some credit

  11. jitperc says:

    when playboi cart said:

    tehpsynigabotthashi I felt that😤

  12. Riccardo Ledda says:

    When you’re trying to speak but you’re crying too much.

  13. Kahaee says:

    I guarantee this is Doodle Bob’s favorite artist

  14. Joseph Leon says:

    Girl twerking in cartis face:
    Iggy azalea: am I a joke to u ?

  15. Mike Hawk says:

    Carti not making music for us anymore, he making it for the Gods now

  16. Roscoe Smudge says:

    When carti writes his songs he probably just closes his eyes and writes random letters and records it.

  17. ÿh čharcøal says:

    Claim your “I’m not from tiktok” token now!

  18. XxFanaticalBasketballerxX says:

    Everybody: What is he saying lmao

    Me: He is speaking the language of the gods

  19. Noah Vela says:

    Carti: “dahdbxjsndncaiosk”

    Me: “dat pussy nigga ain’t bout dat shit”

  20. Cracked on the Wii says:

    He probably said Obama’s last name, explained how Epstein died, and spoke enchanting table all in this song

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