Playing electric shock games with Adam Savage

Playing electric shock games with Adam Savage

Hey thanks everybody who pointed out that Tom Scott has a project called The Technical Difficulties! I had no idea and in no way meant to impose on somebody else’s brand. Unintentionally doing something stupid is like my biggest fear in life [THINK: dog scared of fireworks on New Year’s eve] and we’re figuring out how to deal with it on our end. But most importantly I’ve reached out to Tom and apologized. One solid piece of human being, that guy!

The episode will be out Tuesday February 27th at 9am PST, here on my YouTube channel. Adam and I will be in the comments for an hour answering all of your questions so come and hang out!

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🙏 Scott Lawrie for filming and being a friend
🙏Trey Xavier for making the official shitty robot tracks 💖

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56 Responses

  1. 1HOURLOOP says:


  2. Maria says:

    Please green screen something on your shirt,hat, and boots

  3. The weird silly one says:


  4. Young SamuraiTv says:

    Oh god this can’t go well.That means it’s gonna be a good video.

  5. Master of None says:

    If you have dirty socks on the floor , no TP problem is solved. I am here to problem solve people.

  6. goldbaer91 says:

    You probably checked that beforehand, but there is actually a YouTube series by Tom Scott called “The technical Difficulties”.

  7. Bing bong Ding dong says:

    I hit the god darn bell

  8. Ethan Private says:

    #notificationsquad Have a great day simone!

  9. Master of None says:

    First time in my life I can say “I can’t wait till I see technical difficulties! “

  10. 1HOURLOOP says:

    how long does it usually take for you to build a robot?

  11. Powder Physics says:

    Well I liked Tom Scott’s TEchnical Difficulties, so this one’ll be god

  12. Svante Bengtson says:

    Wait, it’s called “technical difficulties”? If so I WILL confuse it with Tom Scott and company… But I’m pumped anyways

  13. Lukas Foukal says:

    Technical difficulties is already a group of guys doing a YouTube show, search for Tom Scott

  14. Jim's videos says:

    I’m 100% in for this.

    Also dirty socks and no TP sounds like two problems that add up to a solution.

  15. EvanAndKatelyn says:

    This is amazing, its the thing we didn’t know we needed 💖 excited to see ya soon!

  16. lvd says:

    Good name, but kind-of in use by Tom Scott and the gang. Though they do sort of call themselves The Technical Difficulties and all their shows have different names, still might be a slight clash!

  17. Jpwb Jpwb says:

    RIP citation needed: the technical difficulties

  18. The Rolling Troll says:

    You guys know there’s already a game show called The Technical Difficulties on a Science Channel on YouTube?
    Check Tom Scott’s channel ;).

  19. Eddie Saltgrate says:

    You should have called the video “a shocking announcement”

  20. Connor Chen says:

    this video was shocking

    no ok I’ll go now

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