PlayStation 2 – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Caddicarus

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Voice over by
The original draft of this script was written by Innagadadavida.

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20 Responses

  1. Hunterr4408 says:

    Still have this masterpiece!

  2. Massive Tits says:

    Chrono cross was a ps1 game…

  3. Ben Bedwell says:

    That PS2 startup sound at the beginning sent me sailing back to my
    childhood… I still have my original PS2. Still works too. I should play
    it again..

  4. Ping says:

    Please do a did you know gaming The Elder scrolls!

  5. nick ciccone says:


  6. Eric Andal says:

    But why was Chrono Cross shown? That was a PS1 title.

  7. DinofFire says:

    I like how it plays saturn commercials at the end.

  8. Ludus Jake says:

    PS2 used by terrorists !!!!! HAHAHA the media are pathetic, fear mongering
    retards. Not allowed to export it ? But you can export 200 billion dollars
    worth of weapons ? People are so fucking stupid.

  9. Hoshi No Kaabii says:

    Did You Know Gaming? – Did You Gaminging?

  10. Press Paws says:


  11. faceless58 says:

    H is “Aych”. im english too and its not a region thing its just wrong 

  12. Nekradude says:

    The Xbox should have been called Microbox :V

  13. Samantha Leighton says:

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  14. ManiaMusicChannel says:

    Interesting i didn’t know

  15. PottingUp says:

    Sly was the best game ever

  16. Reynaldo Hill says:

    I really miss those star wars battlefront 2 days… what has gaming become

  17. Lumpy SpaceWolf says:

    Ah, yes. The PS2. I used to have one but it looked different. It was
    skinnier then that one, but I remember always playing sly cooper and
    watching movies on it. It was my favorite gaming system but I did get those
    error screens a lot and I always wondered what those orbs where all about.

  18. Keondre Lucas says:

    I had no idea of most of this information

  19. Oscar Emond says:

    FIFA 14 , as in released in 2013!?

  20. DrChin Strap says:

    Best console ever. Fact.