*PLAYSTATION 5* Mod in Among Us

*PLAYSTATION 5* Mod in Among Us

We add an Playstation Imposter in Among Us!

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23 Responses

  1. Kensi's Play Club says:

    Mod idea: News Imposter
    Can recruit new imposters, has the ability to transform into a meteorologist who can blind crewmates with a storm and shoot lightning that kills and can send a puddle of water to a crew mate that slows them down.
    Can turn into an anchor with has the ability to grapple people and bring them to where they are. The anchor can also use a microphone which is so loud that it stuns crewmates.

    Edit: pls like so SSundee can see

  2. Trainer Flowey says:

    here’s an idea. The SCP mod. The Impostor can call upon different SCPs to attack the Crewmates, as well as lock them in containment rooms. On top of that, one Crewmate will be D class Personnel and will be able to shoot the SCPs with a gun, disabling their use for the rest of the game. (So they can reduce an Impostor to normal impostor tactics.)

    Some Abilities could include:

    Sending the Anklebiters after a Crewmate. (They cannot be killed, as the Impostor does not have a special form for them.)

    Jumpscare (Using the Neck Snapper, SCP 173.) You blind the crew members and you can sneak up on one to snap their neck. (WARNING: The Personnel will be immune to this blindness, and can shoot. So strike before the crew hides with them.)

    Training: A minigame that features the Crewmates running from the seeker, an SCP. (Selected by the Impostor.) The first to be found is devoured by Shy Guy, before the seeker is returned to normal.

    Those are just a few ideas. I hope you like this.

  3. idi0tic._le0 says:

    Mod idea: Gravity Falls

    Abilities: You can be Dipper and use the journals to summon Bill as imposter, Mabel you can stitch a sweater on someone while they’re alive, Stan you can make hard coins rain on someone and a car hits them, and Soos makes a deadly puddle and makes someone slip.

  4. Benjamin Lindfors says:

    You never fail to entertain us with these combos and insane new mods, keep it up!

  5. Occuckle&Friends says:

    The Wii Mod:
    As a crewmate you can trap people with the wii remote straps.
    You can spin a nunchuck around to turn invisible.
    You can be supercharged with a disc making you go faster for 20sec.

    As the imposter you can throw a wii remote at somone to kill them.
    The strap trap will kill the crewmate after a certain a mount of time. Crewmates can free them.
    The invisibility is infinite for the imposter. You can toggle it on and off.
    You can pour water on a crewmate and after a certain amount of time they die, but they can be fixed with a tool hidden around the map.
    The mini game you can dodge mii’s trowing baseballs at you.

  6. Hyper Sonic says:

    Mod idea: Sonic.EXE
    the game will start with the title screen of Sonic 1 and then change in a split second. (read the creepypasta)
    – players will have a sanity bar below their tasks bar. anytime they’re near Sonic.exe, their sanity bar will decrease. if they lose all of their sanity, the player will suffocate by getting a headache and die.
    – Sonic.exe can jumpscare (with the Kefka laugh) which will cause static to appear in the player’s screen. –
    -he can create dark illusions of himself
    -send one of his illusions to chase someone (with the drowning theme), and once they do, the real Sonic.exe will kill them.
    -he can become giant and use his hand to grab someone to him.
    -he can do a minigame of hide & seek and where the crewmates have to hide because EXE will come out every 10 seconds to find someone. if someone is not hiding the game will end. one of the illusions will cause the player to trip and begin to cry. the real EXE will come out and absorb the player’s soul.
    -he can control a player by manipulating them.

  7. Landon Sumpter says:

    Mod idea:sonic the hedgehog

    He can use a speed boost that makes him really fast, it only has a 3 second cool down

    He can use a spin dash and murder anyone in his path

    He can do a race against people, last to cross dies

    He can call in tails and knuckles

    And last but not least he can go into his own solo mini games to collect the chaos emeralds and turn super

  8. Jenson Jeffries says:

    Mod idea: Burger King

    Able to drop a burger on people
    Trap people in a bun
    Stun everyone with a whopper
    Pull people towards you with foot lettuce

    After you do this if u do you could do Ronald McDonald vs Burger King

  9. LILLY!! Go-to_MY CHANNEL says:

    this man is impossible to defeat, he keeps games alive, for example, among us, hes one of the best Among Us creators out there.

  10. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX says:

    Mod idea: interviewer abilities can recruit crewmates to be an imposter 2nd ability minigame crewmates have to answer questions chose by the imposter

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