PlayStation Showcase 2023 | [ENGLISH]

PlayStation Showcase 2023 | [ENGLISH]

It’s almost time to see what’s next — PlayStation Showcase broadcasts live next Wednesday, May 24 at 1pm Pacific Time / 9pm British Time.

The show will run a bit over an hour, focusing on PS5 and PS VR2 games in development from top studios from around the world. Expect a glimpse at several new creations from PlayStation Studios, as well as spellbinding games from our third-party partners and indie creators.

Regarding Co-streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Please note that this web broadcast may include copyrighted content (e.g. licensed music) that PlayStation does not control. We welcome and celebrate our amazing co-streamers and creators, but licensing agreements outside our control could possibly interfere with co-streams or VOD archives of this stream.

If you’re planning to save this broadcast as a VOD to create recap videos, or to re-post clips or segments from the show, we advise omitting any copyrighted music.

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41 Responses

  1. Chris Arista says:

    Timestamps (updated to post-live times):

    0:45 Fairgame$
    3:33 Helldivers II
    5:50 Immortals of Aveum
    8:06 Ghost Runner II
    9:11 Phantom Blade 0
    12:50 Sword of the Sea
    14:21 The Talos Principle II
    15:44 Neva
    17:47 Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean
    18:32 Foamstars
    20:44 The Plucky Squire
    21:59 Teardown
    23:46 Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater
    26:06 Towers of Aghasba
    27:37 Final Fantasy XVI
    30:54 Alan Wake II
    32:43 Assassin’s Creed Mirage
    34:40 Revenant Hill
    35:49 Granblue Fantasy Relink
    37:13 Street Fighter 6
    39:03 Ultros
    40:39 Tower of Fantasy
    42:17 Dragon’s Dogma II
    43:51 Five Nights at Freddy’s Help Wanted 2
    44:54 Resident Evil 4 VR Mode
    46:36 Arizona Sunshine II
    48:08 Crossfire Sierra Squad
    49:13 Synapse
    50:56 Beat saber: Queen Music Pack
    51:54 Marathon
    53:28 Destiny 2: The Final Shape
    54:36 Concord
    55:42 Gran Turismo (movie)
    56:54 PS5 Hardware Accessories
    58:09 Spider-Man 2
    1:10:36 Outro Recap

  2. Nicholas Joseph says:

    Phantom Blade 0 looks absolutely jaw dropping. Wow

    • Foreigh says:

      The combat looks really funky, like when little kids are playing with 2 action figures and just move them side to side really fast to simulate fighting. Might just be the trailer but everything looks way too fast (especially the guy swinging the chain ball around)

    • Deepo SV says:

      it’s coz you too old. Dont drop your jaw

    • Roberto Sousa says:

      23:29 a 23:37 PlayStation 5 slim no disk

  3. Rhythm Robber says:

    Talos Principle 2 was unexpected and extremely exciting!!

    • Arty Manmoose says:

      True, I’m also hyped for it, besides Alan Wake II

    • Nolan Kuffner says:

      So many of these games look massive in scale, that was definitely one of the biggest ones.
      Along with FFXVI and Gran Blue Fantasy (I’m still not looking forward to it, but it’s ridiculous it still doesn’t have a solid release date).

    • RYNO2511 says:

      Yeah I’m keen, we need more great puzzle games

    • Mike B says:

      The only non baby/terrorist game… and it was a religious extremism & slow motion… so exiciting.

  4. P2M says:

    I never expected The Talos Principle to ever get a sequel. I’m so excited for it. That game, along with The Witness, are some of my favorite puzzle games ever.

  5. Kaiserion_YT says:

    Phantom Blade 0 and Spider-Man 2 looked absolutely insane

    • Firefly Light says:

      Spider-man graphics are awful, they been hyping this game for its “next gen graphics ps5 only” and the graphics we saw today are lame, the ps5 remaster version of spider-man looks waaaay better than the spider-man 2 graphics they showed today, im so disappointed cuz im a big spider-man and miles morales fan.

    • Sanda Htoo says:

      @Firefly Lightmight be an earlier built, but we’ll see. They still have a few months to polish.

    • Firefly Light says:

      @Sanda Htoo i hope so 🙏🏻

    • shadedragon says:

      Phantom blade looks weird. Everything seem like it was moving too fast and it seem to focusing on creating a look at this moments.

    • Chris says:

      @Firefly Light”awful” alright buddy calm down

  6. Nomadic Gamer says:

    An Assassin’s Creed game that finally looks and plays like AC. It brought so much nostalgia to me, made me want to cry. And that new 16 trailer – the more I see, the more excited I get about it!! Can’t wait!!

  7. topooly says:

    Dragon’s Dogma 2 was the biggest surprise for me. Looked freaking awesome.

  8. C G says:

    I need Swords of the Sea like I need my blood in my veins

  9. SeanChan says:

    It’s amazing how dragons dogma 2 seems so familiar yet so different

  10. FonziBeatz says:

    Now we need a Syphon Filter Remake 🙌🏼😂
    See Metal Gear Solid made my whole experience alone complete. Can’t wait to see what they do to the game 🔥🔥

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