Please, Dear God, Give Leo The Oscar.

Please, Dear God, Give Leo The Oscar.

Sleep in a dead horse = probably get an Oscar.

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19 Responses

  1. Teegan Moseley says:

    Only logical answer if he doesn’t win an Oscar at this point:
    Balthazar still hasn’t forgiven him for Titanic.

  2. Hibu Sambyo says:

    seems like College Humor has been watching Honest Trailers

  3. Varoujan Tanielian says:

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNO !!!! Matt Damon Will Win

  4. Marta Falcón says:

    I prefer Matt Damon for winning the Oscar

  5. BM TheBest says:

    Doesn’t this sound and look more like a Screen Junkies production?..

  6. pebritry says:

    he is amazing! well, he might dont give it a f*ck as we are here. haha

  7. Melvin R. Budisusilo says:

    What’s the song?

  8. airsoft nation says:

    He won!!!

  9. VultureClone says:

    I don’t know who Leo pissed off in Hollywood, but he should have gotten an
    Oscar a long, long time ago.

  10. Ivran Wijdenbosch says:

    is Leonardo part black?

  11. rohit trivedi says:

    He deserved oscar for many of his films, although he did not get oscar for
    shutter island, inception, wolf of Wall Street but he definitely deserved
    oscar for Basketball Dairies and Blood Diamond.

  12. MrDready77 says:

    And still Tom Hardy was better in this Movie :D

  13. freezinfeet says:

    it was Leo’s last straw when Steve Harvey accidentally gives the Oscar to
    him and says “I’ve made a mistake”

  14. florance333 says:

    Oscar doesn’t mean shit, just google famous actors who don’t have it..
    includes accomplished people like Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Helena Bonham
    Carter, Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, the list goes on. Oscar is not a measure of
    acting excellence by any means.

  15. zod2242 says:

    How do you come up with this stuff! ?

  16. Blue says:

    And the Oscar goes to!..

    The Bear who slaughtered Leonardo

  17. Collin Ford says:

    it would be a funny stunt at the oscars if the category most nominations
    was added and leo got an oscar for never winning an oscar

  18. AnaheimDucks93 says:

    Give Leo a little yellow fucking statue!

  19. Sa3d Bins says:

    Winning an Oscar for his performance in the revenant is great but winning
    an Oscar for the devil in the white city is amazing, we just have to wait