Point Loma mystery

Point Loma mystery

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15 Responses

  1. Samuel Witt says:

    I saw this too over near Glendale, I heard it’s a trident missile launch
    test by the Pacific Naval Fleet.

  2. astphaire says:

    I saw this from Tucson arizona

  3. Barb Ferry says:

    Saw this tonight in Buckeye AZ

  4. wayne p says:

    Unarmed trident 2 ICBM launched from a submarine off the coast of so cal.
    the navy had LAX bring all evening landing flights in from over los angeles
    late this week for naval stuff. where evening landings come in over the

  5. Rick Grimes says:

    It’s obviously a yeti riding a transgender Loch Ness with wings…
    Illuminati confirmed.

  6. Chi McMillian says:

    I saw this in Miami… Crazy lights indeed…… Oh, wait. ?

  7. teal tee says:


  8. We Do Not Sow says:

    I saw the whole thing from Orange County, California. I figured it was a
    rocket missile of some sort because it exploded like a bomb. I’m curious to
    know exactly what kind of missile it was because the explosion was huge.

  9. John Wayne says:

    Perfect, that is the best UFO video I have seen in 40 + years. No stupid
    scary sounds. Video from the moment it’s spotted to the end when it
    disappears. No Cuts, No Zoom in’s to make it pixelated to seeing Rocky the

  10. NunYa BiznASS says:

    RT, Russian government media, reported this as an alien craft. That doesn’t
    much surprise me after the Marxist propaganda they put out regarding the
    Michael (unarmed ) Brown riots that leveled Ferguson, MO after forensic
    evidence exhhonorated a white police officer investigating a call of theft.

  11. Maximilian Witteborg says:


  12. Alan Fox says:

    Did anyone see the UFO?!

  13. David Stig Hansen says:

    Jeff doesn’t care. Take his smart phone away.

  14. John Oliver says:

    Hey, a new weapon for the new world order to use on the world.

  15. Vladimir S says:

    Hmmm… if it is a missle then why it is leaving a trail of light? …so it
    would be easier to shoot it down! ))) so how effective this breakthorough
    technology then? …enough to lure a taxpayer money to fund this kind of
    military projects )