Poisonous NEWT can be DEADLY!

Poisonous NEWT can be DEADLY!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew are in one of the most remote and diverse ecosystems in Japan! On this adventure they come across none other than the Fire Belly Newt, and not only does this newt sport a fiery red belly… but this is one very toxic amphibian! This poisonous newt can be DEADLY!

Get ready, you’re about to see one extremely POISONOUS and DEADLY Fire Belly Newt!

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments on the planet!

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97 Responses

  1. Sairam Niranjan says:

    A bit late today, huh?

    No problem!

  2. WaRRioR says:

    No newt November

  3. BossDon Arita says:

    You and Robert Irwin should do a video together!

  4. Random Things says:

    I love Brave Wilderness, who else does?

  5. Alec 123 says:

    Sometimes you have to like ur own comment just to get it started

  6. Matthew Kyle Gan says:

    The title should be:

    Poisonous NEWT -can be- *IS* Deadly

  7. Ray Ray says:

    “There is no antidote “ *proceeds to grab one with bare hands!*
    Wow 4 of them!! 🤦‍♂️

    • Kittipong Ho says:

      There’s a difference between venom and poison

    • Lugia21 says:

      You could rub some poison on you and it won’t kill you unless it gets in a cut or injury.

    • Sinine1100 says:

      +Lugia21 Depends on the poison. Some are more permeating than others. Similar with venoms – those especially need to get to blood stream. Many wenoms you can actually drink and you’d be fine as long as you’ve no cuts in your mouth or stomach ulcers.

    • Mitchell Lubline says:

      Their similar to a dart frog toxic from their diet and only if the poison enters an opening in your body or your mouth. They are also kept in captivity without fear of the toxins. Only true toxin producer in captivity capable of real harm is marine buffo or the deadly cane toad that never stops secreting it’s toxic foam.

    • Andy Ledesma says:

      And remember kids I’m an expert

  8. Jacob Flowers says:

    It’s super poisonous but I’m gonna pick it up anyways

  9. Mang Patatas says:

    Hmm “toxic animal”. Sounds like some gamers.

  10. Aeron James says:

    What “cute” means to Coyote——— toxic, venomous and dangerous.

    Love from the Philippines!! ❤️

  11. Kim Jong-un says:

    Oh no, Coyote’s in my sworn enemy Japan….time to nuke them. I should I say, *newt them*

  12. Ballsdeep Singh says:

    Coyote the type of guy to leave the zipper open on the tent

  13. Gaming with Jake says:

    Next can you try to search for the GOLDEN POISON FROG?🐸

    • mark geuder says:

      +RealPrincessOfCats I think that there are some left. But very rare to find. You might be right cause I don’t pay attention to that stuff.

    • Robert Gutierrez says:

      RealPrincessOfCats Actually they’re endangered and their population is decreasing so they could be extinct in the next couple years

    • Amanda Fredette says:

      +RealPrincessOfCats pretty soon at this rate we will be too. XD

    • Amanda Fredette says:

      Do you want him to die?
      Mark: Coyote are you ok?

    • Mitchell Lubline says:

      +RealPrincessOfCats actually the yellow/golden mantella dart frog is still in very tiny stretches in the wild but I do mean tiny stretches their maybe at 1,000 in the wild overall but in captivity their bred for their color like the Ruby red mantella and thrive in a vivarium set up and easily bred by people.

  14. Aeron James says:

    *No antidote when poisoned*
    *Coyote handle it just like a cute pet*

    • Zgrly Fish says:

      +ValleyBandit also in searched it up, sea turtles are omnivores at a young age but when they are adults, they are adapted fully to eating plant life in the sea and become herbivores but I think a specific species is like that and not all turtles.
      Btw j was not talking about tortoises

    • ValleyBandit says:

      +Zgrly Fish I have a yellow bellied slider totally different from a sea turtle and yes if you read my comment I said he says they got there toxins from eating insects that I don’t believe at all and if you think snakes get there venom from eating toxic animals then you are wrong

    • ValleyBandit says:

      +Zgrly Fish and btw I did watch the whole video and found a number of things he said to be incorrect that’s why I commented what I did..

    • TheSchmeister says:

      +Zgrly Fish @ValleyBandit poison and venom aren’t the same thing.
      Venom is literally just modified saliva or body fluids. It has special proteins that work in a certain way, often to “digest” other cells, sometimes to paralyze. That’s how they kill.
      Venom is produced as naturally as say, sperm cells. You cannot absorb them into your body by eating because the proteins will get digested.

      Poisons on the other hand, include substances like botox or cyanide. They are literally chemicals. They also affect cells but in a very different way to digestive enzymes like venom.
      Poisons on the other hand require a special chemical reaction, usually produced by bacteria and cannot be self-produced so easily. That’s why some animals eat other animals and process that poisonus chemical as their own.

    • Diem Bommarito says:

      it is a cute pet

  15. Shotgun_Shogun305 says:

    Yeah I’m not touching that. Coyote you’re the man.

  16. IGIB GT says:

    i used to be a fan, but now im aircon

  17. im unique says:

    The water was so clear at 0:03, I thought the salamader was floating in the air.😅

  18. Julia I МАŠTURBÃTЕ WАTСН V!DЕ0! says:

    Wow 4 of them💖

  19. Julia I МАŠTURBÃTЕ WАTСН V!DЕ0! says:

    but now💖

  20. Livynotlivi says:

    PLEASE READ THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR HEALTH. Hey Coyote. I just found your channel but I realize you carry around an epi pen. BUT (sadly) a little know fact is that you should have 2 epi pens. After 20 minutes of injecting the first epi pen the reaction can come back and sometimes it comes back worse. So you need a 2nd epi pen after 20 minutes to prevent a second reaction. I really hope you see this because I don’t want you to get into this situation.

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