Pokémon, but the entire game has ICE PHYSICS

Pokémon, but the entire game has ICE PHYSICS

It’s just Pokémon Emerald… with a few slight modifications.
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36 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    Alpharads water bottle being an entirely different side plot for this video is so funny

  2. The Illusionist says:

    2:20 By far the funniest part of this is how perfectly the camera’s autofocus focused on the bottle while Alpha was processing, then back to him when he finished

  3. Pug dream says:

    Ball guy in the thumbnail just looks like he is going weeeee while sliding around is adorable and needs to be commented on. Nova doing god’s work on the thumbnails always but this one is for sure a new favorite just a happy lil bud 🙂

  4. Billy8 says:

    “Did my water bottle just moan”
    Alright folks, This is gonna be a good video.

  5. The SemiPro says:

    Man, good to see Lady Luck is still playing favorites. She even RNGed two other pokemon into your team when you needed them most!

  6. Kobazco says:

    As the video says, this romhack was made by me (with some help from cannons who wrote some funny signs and such) It was hell… I mean a lot of fun!

    Also just wanted to really quickly mention that yes, someone else made this same thing in emerald recently, and that it was just an unfortunate timing thing. Emerald Slide (the other ice physics romhack in question) has a ton of cool features, as well as a full on snow palette, so go check that out as well if you’re interested in a similar, yet different experience in terms of solutions c:

    • Richard Conway says:

      Well done man. Real impressive that the only softlock was a somewhat narrow circumstance at the end of the game. I cannot imagine how much time you and cannon spent testing this shit.

    • Team Aqua's Hideout says:

      @Dusk Banks not sure about this hack, but the source code for Emerald Slide v2.0 is public on my GitHub, and I created a tutorial where I walk through exactly how the hack was made on my channel.

    • NumberOne#1 says:

      Not sure if you’ll revisit this mod at all, but I think a useful fix would be deactivating ice physics on door entrance tiles. Just a suggestion, but it would be useful.

    • Dusk Banks says:

      Thank you for the effort! Is the source published anywhere?

    • Muno says:

      @Nackles42 oh hey, that’s a name i recognize! fancy seeing you here!

  7. Butter says:

    Pokémon but you have a god complex sounds like a great game for Jacob considering how often he flies too close to the sun, he’s like a real life Pit.

  8. Eugene Hong says:

    I love how the water bottle moaning is a plot point

  9. PeculiarPumpkin says:

    Markiplier just saying “smash” is just so powerfull

    • Alexis Morin says:


    • Baldie Enderman chilling says:


    • kaurii_ says:

      @SGB bro what

    • SGB says:

      I thought this might be important information to share, given the (somewhat) water-related nature of this video. 35% of all ocean microplastics come from clothing/textiles, mostly polyester, but also acrylic and nylon. This is largely due to clothes made of these materials being washed,, which causes clothes made of these materials to quickly erode, causing the microplastic fibers to enter the water system and eventually the sea. Ocean Hero is a great search engine that we can use to help clean up larger plastics before they disintegrate into microplastics.

  10. Jake Samuels says:

    “We cheated and we’re still losing” is very on-brand.

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