POKÉMON Detective Pikachu: Full Picture

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu: Full Picture

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48 Responses

  1. CaptainRon says:

    INSPECTOR PIKACHU uses CLICKBAIT! It´s super effective!

  2. RatorLP says:

    Omg Pikachu is noobmaster69 I KNEW IT

  3. Norman says:

    I’m crying of emotion , my part favorite was this 55:30 , it’s very sad , but in 1:02:03 looks so cool , i love it , i dont stop crying so emotive

  4. jonyb4 says:

    jokes on you, i thoroughly enjoyed that hour and 40 mins!

  5. Chili The Kid says:

    The date is May 10th, 2019. You decided to see Detective Pikachu with your best friend a while ago. You walk into the theatre, get your tickets, and get your overly-expensive snacks, and enter the showing room. You’re a few minutes early, but the previews come and go pretty quickly. The movie goes on, and you cannot believe what you’re seeing. This video, right here, was, in fact, an upload of the whole film.

  6. David Shen says:

    I like the part where pikachu dances for an hour and a half

  7. megalexantros says:

    Pikachu: Never gonna give you up..

  8. Drop Stuffs says:

    Great film, dude!
    5 stars
    100% fresh on rotten tomatoes!

  9. Micah Johnson says:

    I knew it was coming, yet I clicked it anyways, not disappointed

    At least it wasn’t a rick roll I guess

  10. GamerJesse says:

    I know this isn’t a full movie

    BUT HECK That’s one cute Pikachu’s dance moves

    • MyLittlePony&RobotChickenYes JellyJamm&CaillouNo says:

      Yeah, I don’t wanna see it right now, I wanna see it when it comes out

  11. Ryan Zbuchalski says:

    “Wow cant believe they leaked the full movie 10/10” IGN

  12. Obeyz Silence says:

    Wii fit: We get people in shape the best

    Pikachu: Hold my pokeball

  13. 태선우TaeSunWoo says:


    I choose you”

    (Avengers theme plays)

  14. PrehistoricLEGO says:

    I should’ve known something was up

    Because the real movie is 1h 44m

  15. TheSaiyanPrincess89 says:

    Didn’t know Pokémon Battles evolved into Dance Battles.
    10/10, would see again.

  16. Lil Vin says:

    My favorite part of this mov- THOR KISSES CAPTAIN AMERICA IN ENDGAME

  17. Azophi says:

    Doctor: you have 2 hours left to live
    Me: *clicks on video*
    Me after watching: well, I’m glad I’m dying

  18. AviNight says:

    Youtube Trending: Time to roll out some movie trailers

    Pikachu: *_Hold My Coffee_*

  19. Pizza Parker says:

    Government: you can’t download others property without consent

    Inspector pikachu: hold my beer

  20. Steven Matthews says:

    Marvel: The cgi work behind Thanos is unparalleled

    Ryan Reynolds: Hold my pokeball

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