Pokemon Diamond but my Pokemon are wrong

Pokemon Diamond but my Pokemon are wrong

They are random every battle.

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48 Responses

  1. OwO says:

    Imagine being a pokemon and you’re being called wrong by a elite pokemon gamer. Feels bad man.

  2. Nathan55411 says:

    “Because grinding is no fun”
    Said the guy who did Platinum damageless

  3. toarioshi says:

    Great to see frequent Smant uploads again!!

  4. Patterrz says:

    that Siri moment was brilliant 11:50

  5. TKay says:

    I like to imagine that for every missed fire spin Turnip just randomly crashes into a nearby building causing absolute havoc

    • Crow Akechi The Mc Miyubi says:

      @TKay Turnip, a war criminal, he killed so much people that everyone fears him, after a total of 1 billion 235 deaths, he was finally arrested, the world’s population has declined, everything is lost, civillization must be rebuilt

    • TKay says:

      @Velvet Butterfly Yeah, but I thought of it as the pokemon spinning fast that creates the whirlwind but with flames, so if it misses it would actually be from the pokemon being too dizzy, which would make it go anywhere

    • Velvet Butterfly says:

      Why crash?
      Fire Spin makes like a whirlwind of fire doesn’t it?

  6. Baran Orak says:

    The feeling of saying that you’re “way better” than your rival and then getting carried by him when it mattered most. The Man is a real man, respect

  7. Bambani2003 says:

    Something good to watch while eating food

  8. That Obstagoon Guy says:

    “Why did she have a Medicham?”
    – Exactly my question when she nearly ended my BDSP Nuzzlocke

    • Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia says:

      If there was one benefit that platinum had… it made the teams more actual matching of the types.
      Flint sucked if that driftblim gets off that double team baton pass, x accuracy can help but it only does so much

    • Su Crow says:

      @chrayez imo Candice has Pokémon local to her city and it’s not very diverse in terms of wild mons up there

    • Jon S says:

      @chrayez it’s always been that way, though. Bruno is fighting type but he has Onix, Karen is dark type but she has Vileplume and Gengar, Koga is poison type but he has Forretress, Steven is steel type but he has Claydol, Cradily, and Armaldo, and i can go on and on about trainers who use types that don’t match their preference. At this point, it’s happened so often, I think it’s more of a way to promote strategy. I guess you could make the argument that its poor planning, but with Koga, for instance, there was more than enough poison types to give him something other than Forretress or even give one of the trainers a second one of the same Pokemon, (Volkner for instance, they could’ve given him, let’s say, 2 Raichus) which they’ve done many times before. The point still stands, they could’ve made it work with all same type Pokemon, but they made the conscious decision to choose Octillery, in this situation, which reinforces the idea that they do it to evoke strategy
      Edit: phone autocorrected Forretress to fortress so I fixed it. Also added more to my response because i thought of more to add lol

    • chrayez says:

      @Dustin if you don’t want the gym leader to be walled by type immunities, give them coverage moves. The Vermilion gym was right next to diglett’s cave and still stayed mono-typed.

      Beating ground types may be the reason they specifically chose Octillery, but the fact is, there weren’t 4 fully-evolved electric types in the base D/P sinnoh dex to make a mono-electric 8th-gym team. Only Luxray, Pachirisu, and Raichu.

    • elke skibowski says:

      At least it kinda makes sense as I think it can appear on the routes near their town. But other than that not much.

  9. gechoman44 & i want a hippo says:

    Just randomly thought of “Pokémon but every turn my moves change” and now I think it would actually be a good challenge.

    • metalhood says:

      Good idea, I once suggested a “Pokemon, but you can’t learn more than 1 move at a time”, so a run which limits the moves could be interesting

    • Velvet Butterfly says:

      I don’t know how possible it is. Random pokemon works because it injects a value whenever data is being loaded naturally but in battle everything necessary is loaded at all times to my understanding

    • Sun Fury Commenting says:

      I would like to see this challenge

    • KingLeon1994 says:

      that just sounds like a metronome run but with slight control lol until all 4 come up as explosion and self destruct

  10. DobriniaPlay says:

    love these challenges you do because they are the dumbest thing possible and still turn out to be the most enjoyable and technical thing I’ve watched

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