Pokémon Direct 2.27.2019

Pokémon Direct 2.27.2019

Welcome to the Galar region! Your introduction to the world of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield begins here with this Pokémon Direct.

Learn more about Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield! https://goo.gl/nckpTa

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67 Responses

  1. • Mira • says:

    The real question is if there’s trainer customization

  2. thenebbiechanel 1 says:

    pokemon floor & pokemon ceiling

    that’s all i could think of

  3. King of Skill says:

    Next game: Pokemon Pee and Pokemon Poo

  4. Mike A M says:

    If you’re starting to read the comments, prepare to get the same joke every single time.

  5. Kade Schneider says:

    In this region there will be rain 24/7.

  6. kingdancekiller says:

    Looks at Scorbunny’s feet. Oh god, another Fire/Fighting

  7. Tomato Jam says:

    Pokémon Glasses and Eye Contacts
    Pokémon Dirt and Grass
    Pokémon Door and Window
    Pokémon Car and Truck
    Pokémon Meelee and Brawl

  8. Dominoot says:

    Where’s Pokémon Rock, Paper and Scissors? Then the definitive edition could be _Shoot._

  9. 413c 18 says:

    I’m still mad that I didn’t get Pokémon z

  10. Chess Player says:

    Can’t wait for the third game

    Pokémon Gun

    • John Gamer Animates says:

      Pokémon dagger

    • storm skyflyer says:

      I think bow would be more likely

      I had a dream last night about pokemon Alpha and pokemon omega probably spurred by my excitement over the upcoming pokemon direct, although I had expected if they did announce the new games it would be in a one minute trailer and there would be some other news possibly more micro transaction crap like pokemon quest(cute concept but I’d have prefered to pay like $20 for a digital only game and be able to play as long or short as I pleased)

    • The Crate Archeologist says:

      They’re used to be a strip club in my town called “Sword & Shield” oh the memories

  11. Swap the Arctic Trooper says:

    Not gonna lie, the starters look like fanmade designs I saw somewhere

  12. Nate Pizarro says:

    Little did we know that the legendary in sword has more defense and shield has more attack

  13. Jimbo says:

    Thankyou for bringing back Gyms!!

  14. najeeb1999 says:

    So I’ve noticed something, i know that this region is based off of the UK so i looked up the map of UK. I noticed that London was in the south in the real world and the Pokemon equivalent is in the north and then i flipped Google maps. “OOOOOOOOH that makes more sense”

  15. Mike says:

    My hopes:

    -100+ new pokemon (i love having more to collect)
    -Kalos post game (it’s France and Britain, they’re right next to each other)
    -either a difficulty setting or just way way less tutorials and hand holding then USUM. Felt like you got half way through to story before they just let you be

  16. Willyoupay maylawschooltuition says:

    I bet 10$ that Scorbunny evolves to “Rabburn” ha HA

  17. NotGargamel says:

    Just look at the hand placement of sobble. He is a manly boy.

  18. Renard Dubois says:

    first NSFW of scorbunny 20 minutes after the release.. I’m not even kidding! this bunny destroyed Lucario’s 46 minutes record..

  19. Dyllpickalio says:

    He protecc,
    He attacc,
    Oh wait you have to choose one…

  20. FryizzoPlayZ says:

    Can’t wait for Pokemon Jelly and Pokemon Peanut Butter!

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