Pokemon Emerald but every battle is extremely unfair

Pokemon Emerald but every battle is extremely unfair

Pokemon emerald but every battle is a 1v2

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39 Responses

  1. Waffl3zrul3 says:

    Imagine this but in Gen 5 with Triple Battles… this is already pretty damn hard with 1v2, so that would be insane!

    • Magma says:

      @Giulio Ceresini well if my memory is wrong, the percentages seems incredibly off. theres simply no way 90% of the trainers have a single pokemon. maybe a good chunk, but not almost every trainer you see in the game.

    • imWiZ says:

      @Giulio Ceresini No, it’s false. I literally am in the middle of a B/W prof oak run to collect Shinies, and there’s only been select few trainers with one Pokémon. Kalos is the generation with trainers having a lot less Pokémon per person. This is the type of run where you would definitively know, as skipping trainers is the stupidest thing to do in runs like that.
      EDIT: as a sidenote, I will admit there’s a lot of trainers with 2-3. But 1 is pushing it, no doubt. I also haven’t challenged the Ice gym yet.

    • Giulio Ceresini says:

      @Magma no, its true, on average gen 5 trainers have less pokemon, they did that because from B/W onwards the level curve changed and the exp gained scaled down with levels.

    • Magma says:

      ​@Olthar that’s literally just not true. i play gen 5 a lot and i can guarantee you that only a couple of trainers in those games have one pokemon and thats only near the start of the game. most trainers have 2 or 3, with some with 4, as is the standard for any pokemon game.

    • Name Please says:

      @Noah Taylor ??? They are not promenet because there are like a total of 8 of them or something but yes they are in gen 5

  2. a person says:

    ant on his way to use every single pokemon mod in existence, and if it doesn’t exist, he has someone make it. gigachad move

  3. Scout says:

    “The whiteout counter is never going up”
    (not 2 minutes later)
    *the counter goes up by one*
    *SmallAnt refuses to elaborate*

  4. Mr. Mogi says:

    Smant desperately trying to take out Steven’s team as the latter proceeds to win the entire battle is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  5. some hippies says:

    “Why am I so under leveled?”
    I feel like it’s a recurring issue in Ants runs but it always seems like he avoids trainer fights and too readily suicides his team and they don’t get XP from that. But it does make him the even bigger underdog and that makes it more exciting

    • Oof Jeff says:

      He can always just use rare candies and reach the level cap of the gym

    • Giulio Ceresini says:

      Dude, it’s supposed to be entertaining. I don’t think anyone would enjoy a run where he constantly stops to grind. It’s not a nuzlocke, pokemons fainting have no consequences, just try the gym battle and see if you can somehow cheese it.

    • SerixSkylark says:

      @Conquest they also said he couldn’t use the rayquaza 🙁

    • FunnyCatEnjoyer27 says:

      @Conquest no chat only said no items in battle
      items outside of battle were never excluded (unless something saying that in the vod was cut out of the video)

    • Conquest says:

      @SerixSkylark sadly he isn’t using items because chat said he shouldn’t use items

  6. scragar says:

    11:54 “We’ll take the confusion.”
    12:00 after hurting himself twice due to confusion “Wait, What? How am I on such low health?”

  7. WhyCatsCantFly says:

    7:40 I love how everyone in chat is shouting slugma balls for the start of the fight

    • Giulio Ceresini says:

      @I ah, yes, the twitch gentlemen, the working class, the adults. Yes.
      Definetely not children using the prime subscription from their family amazon account

    • I says:

      @Cheese Yeah, the only thing less original and more stupid is youtube’s comment section.
      Mainly because of the age, peole on youtube don’t need to pay to subscribe so there is a majority of children and teenagers there.

    • Budling says:

      It’s the culture, gotta do it

    • Cheese says:

      Ikr twitch chat is very original and creative

  8. SporadicV2 says:

    These challenges are always great to watch. Seeing Ant’s strategizing in full effect, beating difficult battles while handicapping himself further is peak content.

  9. Pikaclicks says:

    Normally I see your videos and think “Wow that’s a neat concept, I’d probably never put myself through that, but cool!” But in this case, I actually wanna play this lol, is the ROM gonna be released per chance?

  10. jdpkart18 says:

    Did you know that in Gen 3 if you press start in a double battle you can swap between the HP bar and the actual HP numbers so you don’t have to go into the Pokémon list to check their HP 😁

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