Pokemon Fan plays Digimon and hated it

Pokemon Fan plays Digimon and hated it

i love pikamon!

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35 Responses

  1. Awesomemay says:

    honestly love how she hasn’t held herself back from making gaming content just bcuz a lot of ppl came for the storytime stuff. Great video!!

  2. ZoomZoom _ says:

    as a digimon fan who’s been wanting to play a digimon game , the feeling of spending days and days researching which one is good to start with is 100% accurate 😭

    • Brad_or_somthing says:

      Try digmon next order I played it with no previous digimon experience and found it quite fun so try that

    • Erin Yonke says:

      Cyber Sleuth has given me the closest pokemon experience. I played pkmn since gen 1 and only found Sleuth to be more pkmn than the others. I spent hours getting all the mons due to my pokemon habbit and keep forgetting what to do next. I actually love the game enough that I got both the digital and physical copies for switch.

    • Zalazand says:

      I think an important initial step in the research is if you are looking to have limited party members you keep the whole time like the Digimon World games or if you want pokemon with extra steps (and guns) where you can grab yourself a whole zoo of monsters which Cyber Sleuth and Dusk/Dawn find themselves in.

    • Zac Ziggarot says:

      Start with a v-pet 😂 I feel like it really is one of the best ways to dip your feet

  3. Samuel Taylor says:

    I remember learning via Myst that for lots of old games, simply navigating a virtual world WAS adequate entertainment. Likewise, as a kid, I was able to tolerate — or maybe even enjoy — tedious tasks like exploring mazes and grinding exp. Part of me wishes I could still play a game with that same level of enjoyment and patience, but I’m glad that games respect your time nowadays.

    • Erin Yonke says:

      I too enjoyed LukasArt games. I pick up Myst for every system I can, even if I never play it. Used to have the game memorized.

    • Gabriel Alonso Monçores says:

      The maze stuff reminds me of Megaman Battle Network. All the dungeons in the first one were pretty confusing mazes (at least to me😅). From the second game onwards, they started to get progressivily better and less confusing, wich is nice.

  4. Come Fast to take glimpse of my body says:

    That Adeptus Mechanicus reference caught me off guard, the crossover I needed but never know I wanted. Please Jaiden, if you would like to venture off from Pokemon, give Mechanicus a chance!

    • Mike says:

      @Danni Luxgarbe yeah, I wasn’t joking, I had no idea where it came from. Thanks for clarifying!

    • Danni Luxgarbe says:

      @oghiewankenobi The -God- Man-Emperor of Mankind is widely regarded as the Omnissiah. This theological fact forms the entire basis of the historic co-operation of Mars and Holy Terra!

    • Danni Luxgarbe says:

      ​@Mike Unsure if you are joking. It’s a quote from the fictional _Chants of the Journeyman_ , part of the scripture of the Adeptus Mechanicus from Warhammer 40,000.

    • PendragonXT says:

      @Danni Luxgarbe “We shall not be found wanting, for we are the Iron Hands! Follow me, Malkaan Feirros, your Iron Father, and by the blood of the gorgon, WE SHALL BE VICTORIOUS!”

    • Ben Dackins says:

      @Mike the wild ride that is Warhammer 40K

  5. Anthony Pants says:

    Jaiden is completely adorkable. Honestly, that pain of endless grind is real. I’m surprised she didn’t go with Digimon World on the playstation 1. Sure the reset can be frustrating when you die, but it has almost animal crossing vibes with the town. And remains true to the original digimon fad of the 90’s with the tamagotchi pet style of monster training

    • Rune Anonymous says:

      World 1 crashes if you use the music player. Maybe the town is more Animal Crossing, Floatia from Next Order isn’t, and I’m thankful for that as all of my memories of Animal Crossing are of pain and suffering from being yelled at by Resetti to not having the time or patience to deal with a real-time clock

  6. Cascade Hellsing says:

    As a huge Digimon fan…. Nothing Jaiden said was wrong.
    And honestly just seeing her draw mons like Gaiomon was worth it.

    • Mizzix says:

      @EasyWhaler i did lmao

    • Cascade Hellsing says:

      @Enchie It was the anime that was so good. Unlike Pokemon which tries to adapt the games alongside keeping the same protagonist over and over, Digimon’s animes each have their own self contained stories/universes(with only two of them having direct sequel anime) with a heavier focus on the characters and plot.
      The games are an extension of that, typically made with the intention of being for the fans.

      But like a lot of people have said, Cyber Sleuth is a genuinely good game and perfect for a newcomer.

    • benedict says:

      @Enchie Fundamentally, Digimon experimented with a gigantic spread of settings, mechanics, and themes. In anime that’s pretty neat, in games that’s impressive even now.

      They tried many things, did a couple of them in interesting ways, but never got around to refining just one type of gameplay until years and years down the line.

      Also some of these mons are dope.

    • SasakiTV says:

      @Firdan Harbima Bancho Leomon and Leomon are different mons.

    • agr0nianTV says:

      ​@Enchie I feel like it more boils down to the anime. The first 3 seasons in particular are amazing Digimon Adventure, Adventure 2, and Tamers. The games are more like a chance to play with the Digimon yourself and live your own story with them since none of the games follow the any of the anime.

  7. kustomkrunch says:

    The tamers season is definitely worth a watch! it has one of the best stories and an amazing, and edgy, character arc with a little purple digimon who will make you feel all of the emotions!

  8. Simon Debono says:

    So good to have you back ! The world is a pointless digimon maze without your content ! Keep on doin the things ! As many of the things as many times as possible ! We love ya 🙌🏻🖤

  9. 123jazz2007 says:

    I was initially worried when I watched this video because I thought it meant that Jaiden had been discouraged from playing other Digimon games. But after seeing the end, I am glad that she is still interested in playing another Digimon game.

    • text me on telegram at JaidenAnimations15 says:

      ☝️☝️👆👆👆👆👆👆👆Thanks for watching
      Expect more videos soon
      DM right away i have something for you 🎉🎁

  10. Markus Barten says:

    I remember playing the first Digimon world. It had an addicting gameplay loop and the fact your Digimon only lived for 16 to 18 days with about three more if you made it to ultra level was both the worst and best part of it. Add to that that this was in the time of analog modems and before you could just check out gameguides on your phone and that the version I played had a bug that flat out erased your game files after 1.5 to 2 in game years I didn’t get very far.
    I would still buy and play a remake.

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