Pokemon GO: 10 Things To Know When Starting a New Game

Pokemon GO: 10 Things To Know When Starting a New Game

Pokemon GO is a huge hit for iOS and Android. It’s taking the world by storm, so be prepared! Here are some tips for beginners.
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20 Responses

  1. light819 says:

    if you want to catch a lot bring a pokemon playing friend and one person
    drive while the other uses both phones at once

  2. Cameron Taylor (camump45) says:

    Theres a pokestop at my school, :/

  3. Suger Royo says:

    for all lazy guys download location faking app to make the most out of this

  4. spiros skouras says:

    how do u download it????

  5. campant1980 says:


  6. IncognitoCreepo says:

    “Treat the pokemon tracker like a 9X9 grid”
    I read the forbes article too, and 9X9 is incorrect, thats 81 entries!
    Treat the tracker like a 1X9 queue.

  7. Aarontti says:


  8. Unknown Person says:

    I almost got a tentacool and. a scyther but the ran away ಥ╭╮ಥ

  9. frankinberries says:

    this guy is even better then jake

  10. abhattarai9741 says:

    man i havent walked this much in one day pokestops and gyms are too far

  11. David Jara ortiz says:

    U live in Long Island cause the sigh that is briacliff college that where I

  12. Emojeffthekiller says:

    I was not paying attention and I was playing I got stung by a bee

  13. Nothing here to see says:

    What if I went to area 51 or a nuclear missile silo wonder what pokemon I
    will fine…

  14. Wolvestazz TI says:

    When your phone is too shit to run pokemon go :(

  15. John Hodges says:

    To put it simply: Pokemon GO sucks…what a waste of time…

  16. V00D00M0NKY says:

    you forgot to mention curveballs

  17. Wes Gool says:

    Note: The thumbnail has NOTHING TO DO with the video

  18. Olivia Albers says:

    I live no where near any pokestops or gyms.. There are rarely any pokemon
    in my area, i have to drive at the least 30 min if i wanted to be remotely
    near anything, and i live in an area where you cant walk places. Basically,
    im screwed in the world of pokemon.

  19. AMG Flamez says:

    someone help please I can’t download it on the googleplay

  20. Slurpy Derpy (SlurpyDerpy) says:

    am i wrong or a mi right.this is the most viewed video you ever post.