Pokemon GO HACK – Realistic Poke Balls

Pokemon GO HACK – Realistic Poke Balls

I thought using your finger to flick a ball was not very realistic, so I improved the game!

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20 Responses

  1. Kid Funke says:

    XD he broke his phone lol

  2. Brandon Jackson says:

    Hey, to those who frequent reddit, this channel has a sub there now!

  3. 0Princess Mariana0 says:

    Im not going to break my phone thank you very much

  4. j_ett p says:

    what a waste of Nexus 6😥😥

  5. tjbalpha47 says:

    What would be the optimal distance I should throw my phone to achieve the
    best result?

  6. Adam Castro says:

    what if you play on a tablet

  7. Matt Michel says:

    omg xD but dont throw the phone bare obviously. needs a case that can
    absorb the shock. and probly dont use an iphone

  8. Wew Lad says:

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  9. jeff says:


  10. Jack Morris says:

    Did anyone else notice that he actually ruined his phone doing this. Acted
    like nothing happened.

  11. jayblade2000 says:

    WY WOULD YOU THROW YOUR PHONE LIKE THAT? Oh, God, love the video, but I
    cringed in sympathetic pain when you threw it on the ground

  12. BlAzInGxskillz says:


  13. Brandon Harrington says:

    Was that worth cracking your phone

  14. Vida Sackey says:

    am honestly serios about buying that broken phone for 20$

  15. The Holy Blanket says:

    Can you do this on iPhone

  16. Happy TreeFriendz says:

    pokemon go is brooo..

  17. James Carpenter says:

    No way I am doing that!!!

  18. Jackson Letnbridge says:

    we’re u mad when the phone cracked

  19. Chris Domiciano says:

    You broke your phone
    For a crabby
    Not even a dratini

  20. Shabs Malik says:

    instructions not clear
    my dick is in my neighbours toaster