Today we head into our local Forest on the hunt for some New Pokemon!
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20 Responses

  1. Jayden T says:

    I have a raichu

  2. Di J says:

    is tauros sorry 4 spelling exclusive to canada im in canada and i found a

  3. LightningBursts 9 says:

    I’m actually pretty close to a place with 8 pokestops no lying

  4. Abrahan De Santos says:

    How do u find a kangaroo in the forest were do u live in alaska ? But I’m
    big fan ??

  5. Introvert says:

    wtf Australia you got some huge ant hills

  6. Poke Kid says:

    I hate zubat in pokemon go. SO

  7. Green. says:

    Omg you are so cheap hahaha

  8. J. Meyer says:

    so close

  9. Noah McSwagtastic says:

    You know, everyone is arguing about which team is best, when the answer is

    Team Harambe for life ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. Skyler van Cruyningen says:

    Why did venosaur cost 180 bucks?

  11. INVISIGOTH says:

    how the %#*@ does a venusaur cost $182?

  12. Liam Jenkins says:

    I don’t like this video

  13. TheGameingKiings -gaming letsplayz and more says:

    subscribe for daly videos and rage quits

  14. Vincent Huynh says:

    Lol lvl 21 and bad Pokemon

  15. Joe Stone says:

    Do something other than Pokemon go or unsubscribing

  16. David Perez says:

    Where’s the factions

  17. Elliott V W says:

    I live in Australia and my accent is nowhere near as bad as those two kids.

  18. steve ar00ni says:

    i never get to see any kangaroo’s or koala’s because i’m in the U.S.A, so
    it was really cool seeing those

  19. ReVo BeTa says:


  20. Adil Kallatra says:

    Bro I evolved an Ekans geodude. And something else