Pokémon Gym Challenges in Real Life

Pokémon Gym Challenges in Real Life

We recreated Pokemon Gym Challenges and puzzles in real life, but turned into competitions!
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Edited and produced by Katie Rose
Mytey subscribe animation by Spoody: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtT-Ff9o7Ygj0dUu8wGiXcw
JohnMichaelandCo Jingle by @SabIrene

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32 Responses

  1. MandJTV Plays says:

    If you want more videos of John, Katie, Tyler, and me, join the John Michael and Co Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/JohnMichaelandCo

  2. Kaytea says:

    thanks for all the kind comments you guys 🙂 definitely the coolest video I have ever done, so proud of the group for this one

  3. Wayne says:

    Not even a typical video and John still finds a shiny while hardly trying…the man is blessed

  4. PokeballNPikachu says:

    I love how Michael always stays in character every time! Team Sky (*aggresive bird noises*), Dr. Fusinal Dayinite (Dr. Fuse), and Summer Boy (who only knows and acknowledges summer). You guys gotta respect his dedication to YouTube

  5. DDoodles says:

    The fact that pm7 still found a shiny and mandjtv’s viewers voted for him by an overwhelming amount is amazing

  6. Mateusz Mroczkiewicz says:

    0:05 Psychic Gen 9
    4:30 Water Gen 3/ Ice Gen 8
    7:25 Fire Gen 1
    9:37 Fairy Gen 8
    12:28 Fighting Gen 3
    13:54 Electric Gen 9
    20:02 Electric Gen 5
    24:43 Bug Gen 5
    29:24 Bug Gen 9

    • Charles Ruteal says:

      Now that you’ve listed them out, I kind of wish they had one from Gen 6. Rock-climbing, the swinging vines, a rollerblade/skate park, etc. But they’d need a bigger budget for most of them (they’re stuff you’d see at a theme park), so I can see why they got skipped.

    • British Rogue says:

      *Fire Gen 3

    • Mateusz Mroczkiewicz says:

      @British Roguelisten it’s more like what generation was the gym not when these gym tests were added

    • Mateusz Mroczkiewicz says:

      @Charles RutealStill Really cool challanges

    • Kaytea says:

      @Charles Ruteal we definitely thought about all of those, but filming at public places (without a permit) is tricky or I was afraid one of them would get hurt

  7. Linus says:

    It’s crazy to think that this isn’t the finale. Can’t wait to see what shenanigans you come up with next.

  8. Francesca Brogna says:

    Somehow John is gonna find a shiny in this video I can feel it

  9. kyratina _17 says:

    I don’t think I have ever laughed this hard at a video. This was a blast! The sheer time and effort put into this video is incredible! Truly the John Michael cup is the best competition the world has ever seen!
    (Also as a fellow artist myself, I have to say that your art pieces were incredible both in their own way. Pm7 had a good contrasting background to the Pokémon while Mikey’s Pokémon looked really expressive and cartoony. Both were definitely very unique)

  10. Craft Hermanos says:

    the joy on John’s face when he won the olive challenge is imesurable

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