Pokemon Legends : Arceus (dunkview)

Pokemon Legends : Arceus (dunkview)

Let the legend come back to life.

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48 Responses

  1. evanf1997 says:

    This franchise needed a new shakeup more than any other and has succeeded big time here. Can’t wait for the next 20 years of this style 😀

  2. ADoseofBuckley says:

    Dunkey confirms that beating Arcanine is the same as beating any Dark Souls boss. I’ve never felt more validated.

  3. yungtown says:

    What a poetic final sentence in this video.

  4. Better Chapter says:

    This the kind of review I imagine other game reviewers look at and go “what are we even doing over here.”

  5. Goat-on-a-Stick says:

    I’ve heard mixed things about this game, but I think it’s all around good that they’re finally mixing up the formula.

    • Nineflames says:

      @Winter Song I know. But it was still enough to breathe some life into the stale formula. Also helped that I just really liked most of the Gen 7 designs I guess, and they actually had a good story. Then all of that (plus all the other advances made since gen 6) was thrown out the window with the very next entry. To say Sword/Shield were a disappointment would be an understatement.

      So yeah, while I absolutely love what Legends has done I’m not going to hold my breath with regards to them fully committing to this reboot until there’s at least one more game like this out. Gamefreak has that really nasty habit of just cutting features and ideas for the sake of it after all.

    • Sneersh says:

      @Der Typ doesn’t make any sense. They’d make more money by releasing what everyone wants rather than some recycled shit

    • Der Typ says:

      @Sneersh you actually want to know? money.

    • Sneersh says:

      @Winter Song so why did it take the actual Pokemon company so long

    • ゴミクズ人Violet says:

      @RAHelllord It’s clear the devs had to release the game before it was finished. I mean the pokeflute is a big deal and it’s still using a placeholder asset.

  6. ProtoMario says:

    This is the only Pokemon game I still want to play after 40+ hours, it’s fantastic.

    • G. Grieco says:

      @Bootyscoots Complete the Dex, first game where you can actually do it without trading or event pokemons.

    • Zaydyn Wornham says:

      I spend most of my time doing missions, collecting people’s bags and leveling up my pokemon instead of rushing to complete the main story.

    • Bootyscoots says:

      How though? It runs out of unique content in about 12 and there’s nothing to do afterwards.

  7. randyhalfway says:

    I like how sometimes he pronounces it “Arceus”, while other times pronouncing it “Arceus”.

  8. Zeus Kabob says:

    “Kendrick wrote the code for the code for the gameplay and Jake Paul wrote the storyline”

    DAMN Dunkey loved the story!

  9. Internet Gangster says:

    “Until eventually, the game sets you free”

    Actual facts right here, I love this game so much but the dialogue drones on for way too long

  10. edw says:

    2:59 I can’t believe how useful the phrase “strand type” ended up being

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