Pokémon Legends: Arceus Review

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Review

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a significant reimagining of what makes a Pokémon game, with an exciting level of flexibility that’s only slightly hampered by a slow early-game grind.

Game Freak and Nintendo’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be available on Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022. You can read the full written Pokémon Legends: Arceus review by Steve Watts on GameSpot: https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/pokemon-legends-arceus-review-what-pokemon-is-evolving/1900-6417818/

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44 Responses

  1. David Ahmadi says:

    Hey All! Thank you so much for checking out our video review. I wanted to note a few things:

    You might notice some parts of the frame on certain shots had to be blurred, or that there are a lot of gameplay clips that are repeated. This is due to Nintendo’s particularly strict embargo which dictated we could only show certain “approved” Pokemon, areas, quests, or even characters. As the video editor, I would have loved to show you guys so much more of the gameplay I captured so far but this is just the nature of the industry! What I can say is that after launch we will be able to show so much more, so DEFINITELY stay tuned cause we got some great content for Pokemon coming your way!

    I personally have been having a blast playing and I hope you guys do too!

  2. Evil Pikachu says:

    It’s nice to see a series so heavily linked to evolution actually evolve. Feels like Pokémon has been holding down the B button for decades. It’s getting old. Hopefully this will be big step forward the series has needed since about the 3DS era. Got mine and my daughter’s pre-ordered so I guess we’ll see on Friday.

  3. Tradeka420 says:

    The dodging and real time action, so long as it’s good, is a huge gamer changer for me. I always thought Pokémon was dying to have real time action in it. If you were actually in a world where Pokémon existed, you probably would get attacked by big scary aggressive wild Pokémon as you explored, and you would have to dodge and roll and run away, or battle them. This feels much more like the anime or the manga, and that’s what I’ve been waiting for with Pokémon. The graphics don’t look amazing, but I also think they are better than people are giving them credit for. I really just wish they would stop the yearly Pokémon games, this could look like 10 times better if they’d had another year to polish stuff. I don’t usually buy Pokémon games when they come out, but I think I’m gonna pick up this one. Even if it’s not the most beautiful visually, I think the gameplay is gonna set this Pokémon game apart from the rest. Let’s hope this is the new direction that will save Pokémon (well it always sells well so it doesn’t need to be “saved” but the last 4? 5? 6? games have been terrible

    • SkullerClawer Bandicoot says:

      @DobriniaPlay LIE. Oras and Ultra Sun are amazing games, take off ur nostalgia goggles and see that hgss is overated

    • DobriniaPlay says:

      @SkullerClawer Bandicoot hgss isn’t that good, ik that some games after are good but most of the games before gen 6 were amazing (Platinum, Black/White, Emerald)

    • Ryu_ Reaper_ says:

      I hear that Youtube has not been doing the Graphics justice for the actual gameplay at home.

    • EtherealWeiss says:

      @Ryu_ Reaper_ I already played it on the switch and it looks decent, much better than I anticipated

    • Ryu_ Reaper_ says:

      @EtherealWeiss thanks for confirming. Ive heard visuals from switch are way better than what the trailers have been putting out.

  4. Taylor Allred says:

    I’ve been so nervous for this game. I’ve wanted it to be good and bring back the magic of Pokémon so badly. If anything, I hope this is the beginning of a new series of games so they can polish over the new formula. Red and Green were pretty rough when they came out but they did something novel. I hope this is something similar.

  5. We're Just Gaming! says:

    To me Pokédex was a secondary task to the main story. Though I haven’t beat the last Noble yet. I progressed to Star rank 4 or 5 in the first area and from there as long as you catch a bunch of every new Mon you should rank up along with the story

  6. Doctor Boots says:

    Glad to hear the new mechanics are largely well implemented. One of the more frustrating conversations I see cropping up is the complaint that Pokemon never makes substantial formula changes, while simultaneously arguing that changing the core loop is a “betrayal” of Pokemon’s base concept.

    For what it’s worth it looks like these new mechanics are going to be a lot of fun to play around with and I like the idea of the dodge/deploy/counterattack style “boss” fights. Feels like it might play out like a simplified Monster Hunter.

    • Hopeful Mayhem says:

      These aren’t mutually exclusive. You can maintain the core game play loop and still make substantial changes and improvements to the game.

      Look no further than Pokémon Collosium and Pokémon DX which both are significantly different than the mainline series but still use the main game play loop.

      For example they could allow for 3 type Pokémon, dual type moves, build entire game around doubles battles(see above).

      The idea that you have go to a let’s go style game to advance the Pokémon formula is kinda ridiculous.

    • mulamoes says:

      @Hopeful Mayhem still waiti g for lets go gold/silver, i hate the lack of innovation and hand holding but lets go eevee i likes a lot, just chill and catching monsters… I stopped after sun and moon, last game i thoroughly enjoyed was emerald, favorite one is gen 2 gold silver crystal

      Edit: game freak just doesnt know what to do… Look at super evolution, they were ok, but they messed it up with the switch game (huge monsters bit nothing changes 😂😭)

    • Ashli Rabid says:

      Pokemon fans: Pokemon doesn’t change.

      Pokemon company: Changes something small.

      Pokemon fans: Ugh! I don’t like it when Pokemon changes.

      Pokemon fans for the past 7 years in a nutshell.

    • mulamoes says:

      @Ashli Rabid i just dont bother playing them anymore, just the art direction of arceus legends makes me not want to play it 💔

    • SkullerClawer Bandicoot says:

      @Ashli Rabid Pkmn fans: its the same thing
      GF: changes with SM/Ultra
      Fans: its the worst thing ever, we’ll never give it credit where its due (until its considered old)
      Gen 7 in a nutshell
      I agree tho

  7. Colin Hawks says:

    The game’s performance struggles shouldn’t be blamed on “hardware limitations”. We should be able to call it what it really is without the sugarcoating. There are other games on this console that are more visually striking while offering much larger open worlds than what is on offer here and yet they run just fine.

  8. Frankie Ambrosio says:

    Never been a fan of Pokemon games but this is the one I’ve been waiting for years to get me to jump in to the series. So excited

  9. Edward says:

    I mean tbh, empty worlds in video games can work but it depends on gameplay and enemy variety. Having worlds with tons of things to do can get overwhelming, tedious and just feel like a chore. This Pokémon game doesn’t look as bad as it was introduced. I’ll consider picking this one up

  10. The Boi says:

    This isn’t a matter of “If this game will be good or bad”.

    This is a matter of “This game NEEDS to be good.”

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