Pokémon NOOB Attempts a Hardcore Nuzlocke…

Pokémon NOOB Attempts a Hardcore Nuzlocke…

I attempted to teach @Fyrus Pokémon Nuzlockes… it can’t be that hard, right?
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39 Responses

  1. Jonk says:

    Nice seeing Alpha wearing glasses to show he’s matured since his first nuzlocke

  2. The Of Mino says:

    The fact Fyrus looked a type chart and hit the weezing with brick break is hilarious

  3. Anadia Smith says:

    Jaiden and Fyrus’ ability to stress Jacob out over games he’s already played is surprisingly entertaining 😭

  4. GrtIguess says:

    Jacob’s glasses is just his first step to turning into Jan

  5. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    Jacob’s 8 year YT transformation from Smash player to Huniepop speedrunner to literal Pokemon trainer is priceless

  6. Sazenami says:

    He’s got the anime glasses. He’s got the knowledge. He’s coatching people about their dumb decisions on nuzlockes. The transformation is nearly complete. Soon Jacob shall become Jan

    • Dandy, Space Dandy says:

      pronounced Yacob

    • M B says:

      @ChaosSorceror_Davidicus Jan is getting more energetic and better at story telling, ie he’s becoming more like Alpha, in other words they’re merging, critical mass coming soon

    • CaptainOrlax says:

      Now we just need Alpha to do an Emerald Kaizo series.

    • Thomas Tierney says:

      @ChaosSorceror_Davidicus the transformation changes his nature, nerfs storytelling and boosts analysis

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus says:

      Jacob can’t become Jan. Jan doesn’t have the narrative storytelling ability. He’s said so himself. Jacob would have to become LESS good at telling a story and MORE analytical to become Jan the man who put the ban on the multiple Nuzlockes Jaiden and Alpha ran.

  7. steven Sissom says:

    can we all just respect the level of unpunished fyrus had through majority of this video like JESUS that luck

  8. Aries Kurt says:

    OMG!! Please make coachlocke a series this would be so fun seeing random YouTubers attempt nuzlocking

  9. Jade the Nightwing says:

    Alpha has gone from the nuzlocker to the Nuzlocker Coach, he has ascended.

  10. dj.tomato! says:

    I can already tell how crazy this will be

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