Pokémon Presents | 08.03.2022

Pokémon Presents | 08.03.2022

Tune in at 6AM PT on August 3rd, 2022 for a Pokémon Presents video presentation with updates on Pokémon apps and video games, including Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet!

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40 Responses

  1. Astral Prince says:

    I think the free-choice gym makes sense because, in the pokemon world, there are trainers who start their journey from towns or cities more advanced than the first village of the main character. Imagine if every npc started from Pallet Town, that wouldn’t make much sense right?

  2. Taylor V says:

    I laughed a lot when I saw Koraidon doggy paddling in the water. Overall, I cannot wait for the game to come out. I’ll officially choose which version to get depending on the exclusive pokemon.

    • Malachi Bradshaw says:


    • Ryan Delgado says:

      So does Koraidon just have those wheels for show?

    • Malachi Bradshaw says:

      same here but i’ll think i will go with scarlet because i have been always interested in the past plus i think koraidon looks cooler as its got that afican/indian vibe to it

    • WolvesMyth says:

      I personally will get Violet. My favourite colour is Purple, and I’d choose futuristic Pokemon over prehistoric Pokemon. So I guess it’s a win-win for me.
      (Read online somewhere that region exclusives will be the forms, so prehistorics and futuristics will appear in Scarlet and Violet respectively, idk about other exclusives)

  3. PokéPwr Pony says:

    Onix better be in Scarlet/Violet……the dream of having a Crystal Onix must come true.

    • DragonNinja 365 says:

      @dynamicsketch I’d rather they not. I’d prefer just a few hundred that are really polished rather than them trying to put all 1000 of them in the game, especially when a lot of people don’t transfer their Pokemon between games.

    • Tyler Tichoc says:

      Oh yeah, they DEFINITELY took some inspiration from that given the fact that everyone who’s been around since Gen 1 has never stopped talking about it and how much it needed to be a thing. And when Regional Varients became a thing right after Mega Steelix heavily referenced it, it was only a matter of time.😅

    • Azure Greatheart says:

      @AtticusRh0des Spoilers, man. Don’t tell people about a leak unless they ask.
      Edit: I also don’t trust leaks as a reliable source of information, so you both ruin the exitement for people and risk spreading misinformation when you spread leaks.

    • AtticusRh0des says:

      He’s on the confirmed “No” list along with ALL the starters, the DLC pokemon list even leaked already.

    • KeinNiemand says:

      @dynamicsketch I don’t think they will inckude every pokemon ever again.

  4. Merfish says:

    This is the first time we’ve seen Pokemon Professors as actual Professors.

  5. Carbadonia says:

    I knew it wasn’t something I had to actually worry about, but seeing Hydreigon in-game for S&V puts my heart at ease, I caught a Shiny Deino in GO and transferred it to HOME and it got the exact nature I wanted and everything about it was perfect, Hydreigon is my favorite pokémon and the low CP meant it became a lvl. 6 upon transfer and now I can bring it on the journey with me.

  6. Sennaxis Anselin says:

    ‘Mewtwo likes to order small plates.’ Glad to learn mewtwo has found his calling, things really picked up for him after his angry destructive outbursts.

  7. BelovedAngel18 says:

    Finally Deerling and sawsbuck return in the game! I’m so excited to see them again beside seeing in the new snap game! I really hope Flabebe return as well and a new eeveelutions!✨

    • Tyler Tichoc says:

      It’s even more crazy that they actually have access to all of their forms again firvthe first time since Gen 5 because the only way to obtain all their seasonal forms is by transferring each of them in from PokéTransoprter and Pokémon Bank. And whatever firm they’re transfered in was the one they were permanently stuck in.

    • Koichi Hirose says:

      @Falco Flare it’s been in every game since SWSH

    • Mezo Shoji says:

      @BelovedAngel18 yeah and gen 7 was weak anyways compared to gen 6 and especially compared to gen 5!

    • BelovedAngel18 says:

      @Chad Lapointe You so right mareep being back is a great thing! I miss that adorable sheep! I surprise it never came back in SwSh dlc knowing how popular it is in Johto! (The SP SD lazy remake doesn’t count.) Hopefully Wooloo and lopunny in the game so I can make a adorable fluffy team!😆

    • BelovedAngel18 says:

      @Mezo Shoji Yeah I understand sun and moon had many good pokemon in the game that make minior look boring at first look and not have a evolution make players not interesting in it but then we get to know it more it soon became more like in the pokemon community. Especially it’s shiny colors is really cool! Also you did a good choice of not getting US UM you didn’t missing much in that game, I hate it mess up the original story! The few good thing about the game is the random fun events in side quest and finally to able to shiny hunting Ultra beasts. All of them can easy be in DLC but instead GF make it a so called new game.

  8. Amit Nonhoff says:

    I can only imagine how competitive battling will turn around. Also, I hope there’s a way to change the Tera type after you caught the Pokemon. I don’t really wanna sit through endless phases trying to shiny hunt a certain Tera type Tyranitar and getting every type but the one i need.

  9. J Lou says:

    I always knew that World Championships were a thing, but I never fully appreciated the depth and scope of the community & how dedicated these players are to their craft. It makes me so happy to see that this franchise has evolved along with its community to the point where globally-scaled events like this are possible, bringing together people from all walks of life who share the same love of their little pocket monsters. Pokemon has and always will hold a special place in my heart–I hope my 3-month old son will also grow up loving it too.

  10. Aayla Breast Vlogs says:

    I would love to see a difficulty option in this game. I understand that there are a lot of kids that play this and not everyone likes to play a tough game, but it’s always a change of pace to have that kind of option avaliable for us.

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