Pokémon Presents | 2.27.2023

Pokémon Presents | 2.27.2023

What did you think of today’s Pokémon Presents, Trainers? 👀

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42 Responses

  1. NitroBlast says:

    This is unbelievable, I can’t fathom that the beloved status condition, “Sleep”, could get its very own spinoff game

  2. Beesechurger_73 says:

    When he said Chris Brown I was like 💀

  3. CelestialSkyDragon says:

    The Pokémon company wants to give us a reason to wake up in the morning. How nice of them.

  4. Yeah says:

    I really hope we get a regional forms for solrock and lunatone, they could be our first ghost rock types and could be designed like a solar and lunar eclipse. It’d be neat.

  5. Super Link says:

    Honestly I think it’s a good thing that this was mostly underwhelming. With how much Pokémon pushes new games I was worried they were gonna try and announce another legends game or something crazy already. I’m glad to see that things are going a little slower so hopefully things will have better development time

    • HiddenMaster says:

      The fact that many fans don’t care and want it NOW NOW NOW is emblematic of why the devs rushed in the first place. That couldn’t have been more obvious than when Let’s Go got crucified for this very reason. “WE THOUGHT WE WERE GETINNG GEN 8. HOW DARE YOU PUSH IT BACK!!! WE WANT IT NOW NOW NOWNOW NOW!!!!!”
      Time isn’t an option as far as the haters and brats are concerned. 😀

    • Cloud5001 says:

      Sure but I think the anime could’ve replaced pokemon sleep easily. Their finally enAsh’s run with a new series on the way so why not use this to talk about that at least. We’re only a month and a half away from the new anime too so this was the perfect spot for at least a quick teaser trailer

    • Maad City says:

      @Mica Bryantthat would be amazing

    • Matt Morales says:

      @jazz winning the chipwhat are the 3 games? DLC? Pre-production on a new mainline game (which is totally different and requires an entirely different group of people). What else?

    • P Q says:

      go s*** his balls next time

  6. PK-Starstorm says:

    To all my fellow Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fans, stay strong. We’ll get another chance next year. Don’t give up

    • Kittsuera says:

      imo the Core of those games isn’t the dungeon crawling. its the becoming a Pokemon story arcs that is facilitated. I think its plausible to get a MMO/ breath of the wild like version of such a story. imagine boss fights like in Okami. something like that would be amazing.

      The PMD games have been a lot of fun, would also like to see an full length animated series for it.

    • PK-Starstorm says:

      @Mica Bryant lmao baby game?? Its plot and characters are deeper than the main series will ever be. If you can’t appreciate quality writing, that’s on you

    • PK-Starstorm says:

      @fishcati it was mostly a disappointment for me, so Im glad I spared you that

    • Neo Chungus says:

      Copium be like

    • Ricardo "BTC" says:

      They made a survey a few months ago, with one of the questions being if we wanted a new Mystery Dungeon game. That means, up to that survey, they weren’t developing a Mystery Dungeon game, and if they are now, it should still be in early development. Unless they rush it, of course.

  7. About That Tho says:

    I would love to see a Pokémon trading card video game. Something similar to Yugioh master duel where it’s free to play. I’m pretty sure it would be popular. Lol

  8. Nameless says:

    I suppose downloadable content for the first games of each generation is going to be the norm from now on; it seems interesting, however, games in Generations II – VII had so much post-game content, and at no extra cost. Hopefully, next year, we might get a remake of Black and White or something experimental like Legends: Arceus

    • Life and Gaming says:

      @Ikouy Bolt exactly! I MUCH prefer DLC to a third version.

    • Life and Gaming says:

      You only get one (direct) remake per system. FRLG for GBA, HGSS for DS, ORAS for 3DS, and BDSP for Switch. Perhaps a Black remake will come out for Switch 2 in a few years.

    • Ray 006 says:

      @SteelTiamattoo harsh to DP, BW1,and SM postgames imo. Although I’d just bump BW1 and SM up to decent postgame.

      DP had problems and postgame wasn’t one but it was 2/3 of the new Gen 4 Pokémon not being obtainable in the main game which is the dumbest decision ever. Seriously I’d love to slap whoever made that decision. At least hoenn only did that with the beldum line.

      RS and XY are the only bad postgames.

    • Lief says:

      @composed entirely of  1 × 2 = 3 now?

    • composed entirely of says:

      Next generation we’ll get a black and white remake as next generation is gen 10 and every remake excluding the gem 1 remakes have been made in a generation that was double the original gen, so gen 5 will be remade in gen 10

  9. tnisques says:

    Im excited for the adaptations for the shows, I love seeing the different tones explored giving life to the world

  10. Caerulis says:

    The DLC looks very interesting. The Disk Pokemon looks so tiny, I was expecting something huge. But it looks great either way.

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