Pokémon Presents 2022.2.27

Pokémon Presents 2022.2.27

“Pokemon Presents” broadcasted on February 27 (Sun) .
The latest info will be delivered to you in 14 minutes of footage.

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48 Responses

  1. Bobo The Chimp says:

    really hope they add home support and a way for the Alpha variants to carry over, maybe Alpha Curry instead of Gmax Soup? Also, i dont know how but if they add a way to battle with friends in PLA i will be happy. also DLC and bring back old mons and possible new ones?
    not sure about gen 9, but i will be happy either way for new content in any manner.

    • your friendly neighborhood ender dragon says:

      Scarlet/Violet will be open world as they said on the website so I’m excited

    • R10101 says:

      What about Amie/Refresh support though? The Switch has a touchscreen that’s almost never used.

    • Martijn Beurskens says:

      @Roblox Sans ARceus is a mythical pokemon, they wouldnt even allow people to use arceus in official tournaments or regular ranked battles

    • Roblox Sans says:

      Pvp would break the game if they let people have arceus XD

    • Carson Spinks says:

      Highly doubt alphas will be kept, totem pokemon transfered are no different than others of their kind and alpha’s are basically just totem pokemon that cant call for backup

  2. GalaxyDuckies says:

    Hoping for Pokémon Home for Arceus release date. They should let us only transport Pokémon that are coded in the game. They have enough Pokémon, I just don’t think more would be better. Also, if you read the article about Violet and Scarlet, it is open world 🌍.

  3. The Great Majora says:

    I’d be down for some spin-offs ! I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had a new one.

  4. Mr Stellar says:

    Man, time flies so fast. I remember playing Pokémon for the first time on a Game Boy Color. I got it from my uncle as a gift in 2002, and have been playing ever since. Happy birthday to the franchise we all love and hate.

    • NytemareGuyPJ says:

      @Ongo Gablogian They just want to feel special about ONLY loving the franchise, even if we get something that’s not great, so they can feel like they’re above the people who actually have concerns, or criticism. Super weird.

    • Cry Some More says:

      @IMMA G2 so hostile my dude

    • tms meister says:

      Pokemon: the franchise you hate to love

    • Neko says:

      Gen 8 made me lean mooostly toward hate, but I am willing to give Gen 9 a chance. Sort of. Gonna wait for reviews. If they pull that hypermonitization crap again, I’m out ✌️

    • Ongo Gablogian says:

      @IMMA G2 ¿Qué? 😅
      I love this franchise just as much as you do. That’s why I want it to be as good as possible. Because I know it can be. Being extra critical is not the same as being hostile.

  5. Cerinia says:

    I have no expectations going in, i’m just excited to see some more pokemon news

  6. Matthew Patla says:


    No wonder Pokémon games have been mostly stagnant recently — look at Game Freak’s office!

    It’s absolutely amazing what they’ve accomplished without even having a computer.

  7. Jay Baer says:

    So glad that gen 9 is being made by three people bless up

  8. Ted Evelyn Mosby says:

    The absolute hype I still haven’t beat crown tundra or played legends arceus yet I get to play so much Pokémon yess!!!

  9. Rebellious Treecko ꪜ says:

    I want this year to be like 2015, where we got a new Mystery Dungeon game. (opefully being a remake of Explorers)
    Gen 9 can wait until 2023.

  10. Eli says:

    I didn’t get Legends Arceus yet, so if there are dlcs I will be very happy so I can purchase the whole thing. This is the big announcement every 3 years for a new gen(hopefully)

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