Pokémon Presents | 6.17.20

Pokémon Presents | 6.17.20

✅ Pokémon Smile: https://bit.ly/2USa8y6
✅ Pokémon Café Mix: https://bit.ly/2YGzL6g
✅ New Pokémon Snap: https://bit.ly/2BdTZMs
✅ The Isle of Armor: https://bit.ly/2CblR4d

We know that’s a lot to take in, Trainers, but there’s still more to come! In the meantime, we want to hear from you—which are you most excited to play? 🤔

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75 Responses

  1. Alex Splicer says:

    I cried looking at Pokémon Snap.
    I’ve waited since I was a lie literal child for this..
    Especially because Mom took a pic of Mew before I ever could! XD

  2. TheShy1000 says:

    “They made a new Pokémon game!”
    “Open the gate!
    “Not all Pokémon return and there will be DLC!”
    “Close the gate!”
    “They made a remake of teh first Pokémon Myster Dungeon!”
    “Open the gate a little!”
    “A new Pokémon Snap is in the making!”

    • Cassiel Williams says:

      @droideka 1 I mean, if they dont make him native to Galar then he cant be used competitively. Let people dick around with him in the game still though

    • The shiny seeker 64 says:

      For me I’m scared that landorus is coming back

    • Rhett Mitchell says:

      Open the gate?

    • MegaAppleshit says:

      I swear, pokemon is like a rollercoaster of emotions nowadays. You love it, then you hate it, then you love it again.

    • Bucanneer Guy says:

      From the looks of the datamine some people are getting nerfed while others getting buffed who knows maybe landorus will get nerfed as well

  3. Tasty Mcmuffin says:

    Pokemon: “That’s all but…”
    Fans: Yooo!
    Pokemon: “Sike, tune in next week to find out bye.”

  4. Bobby Moore says:

    “sword and shield was rushed”
    literally the year it came out
    “WE WANT GEN 4”

    • Omar Moreno says:

      Honestly, nothing’s gonna beat HGSS, i just want mega Infernape

    • Raise Another Man's Kid For Love says:

      @Mario Parhmari pokemon fire red came out when Gamefreak actually made good games A remake of sinnoh would ruin it

    • Wolf Pack 79 says:

      @The 64th Shadow those were made by different companies, why can´t they just trash game freak and use a new company?

    • ZetaGammaFigma says:

      @Bobby Moore Diamond and Pearl remakes wouldn’t add much though. By DPP they had abilities and the physical/special split. Gold, silver, red, blue, ruby, and sapphire all didn’t have that stuff so the remakes brought them up to speed (except FR and LG but that added abilities). The only thing a remake of DPP could do is make it prettier or add in mega evolution/Z moves/Dynamax if they decided to bring them back. It really wouldn’t change much.

    • No Name says:

      @Mario Parhmari thats not even comparable. Any game released after the OG gen 1 games is automatically better and a giant upgrade. Any game post gen 3 is gine as far as gameplay and software go. Hell, people bitch all of the time about how shit the 3d models are, why the hell would you even want the graphics to be upgraded?

  5. Fluffy Narwhal says:

    I love how derpy the pokemon look in pokemon smile

  6. _JustAnotherKid_ 2020_ says:

    Terminal Montage is gonna love Pokémon smile

    Hint: look at their eyes.

  7. FacelessProdigys says:

    “Mega evolution is coming to pokemon go”
    Well thats nice and all but can you put it back in the actual games now?

  8. Mcheetah says:

    I’m waiting for Pokemon Diet, featuring an energetic personal trainer Machamp and a lazy Snorlax.

  9. NerfT J says:

    Pokemon smile: I’m about to end this cavities whole career

  10. EZ says:

    6:12 Pokemon Snap 2 now with actual murder included

  11. Emerald says:

    Pokémon go
    Pokémon sleep
    Pokémon smile

  12. JCJumping says:

    Imagine if these guys just cut the nonsense and put out a Platinum or HG/SS quality game again

    • tena2013 says:

      @Man Li Gi I mean, BW had the best story for sure. But it took away MANY quality of life changes and features in HGSS that made no sense. It was a classic gamefreak 1 step forward 1 step back. But regardless I adore BW and there has been no better story in pokemon made by gamefreak

    • tena2013 says:

      @The 64th Shadow the low IQ consumer part hurts the most. Seeing every other fanbase getting the quality they ask for VS pokemon fans settling for shitty nobrain apps and poorly made overpriced games in letsgoPE and SS. They’re the real issue

    • Tived Nagol says:

      Two things about this: First, those games were great because of Satoru Iwata. Second, I think the fandom screwed itself over: When _Black_ and _White_ came out, they didn’t sell well despite all the effort put into them. I think they decided to cut their losses after that. I mean, why innovate if you might not make your investment back? Because of those two things, I think Pokémon will stay this way until someone like Iwata becomes in charge of the games.

    • Cassiel Williams says:

      @tena2013 HGSS was the peak of Pokemon. HGSS>Pt>BW2>DP>BW. From there each game was bad but they had excuses until SwSh. I can still freely forgive XY because they actually did make a massive leap in the basics. Alola saw good improvements and one of the better stories.
      Then SwSh trashed everything, stripped the game down to nothing, and used a rough first draft that was written at 3am half-drunk by a high school kid as the story. The first time a Pokemon game went down in quality compared to previous gen was gen5 part 1. Adding BW2 is what makes BW retroactively good.

    • Blackout says:

      Black/White 2 surpassed the quality of HG/SS imo

  13. LarboLarb says:

    Pokémon snap is how everyone wished sword and shield looked

  14. Kihambo says:

    Announcer: There’s one more announcement

    Me: OMG the DPPT remake is happening….

    Announcer: Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z 😉

    Me: ….

    • Taxidermied Albino Beaver says:

      Honestly I’m glad it wasn’t announced. I don’t want it to come out anytime soon. Not when Sword and Shield were so awful. I want them to take their time and make a product actually worth $60. I would actually just prefer if Pokémon got a new developer entirely.

  15. MARS says:

    man if that “another big project” isn’t Gen 4 remakes then they’re gonna have to add Blueballs in every pokemart

    • Saphiria TheBlueDragonKnight says:

      Since Dialga, Palkia and Giratina will be in the Crown Tundra DLC I don’t think we’re going to get Gen 4 remakes anytime soon.

    • Caleb Foley says:

      Some Random Channel oh no that could totally be it. Hgss was perfect we don need to mess with that. Give us gen 4

    • Cassiel Williams says:

      @Caleb Foley HGSS is gen4… Who am I kidding, though. They’ll just do another 1:1 remake again without any of the good stuff that was added in the first remakes.

    • The K-Nerd says:

      Cassiel Williams Lets go shade? Let’s go was good:( (imo). Please don’t argue with me I just want to hear your opinion

    • vazu says:

      @Some Random Channel I’d prefer lets go Johto over them messing up Sinnoh

  16. CheeseTaco Animations says:

    Pokémon Smile: Meh
    Pokémon Cafe Mix: Cute
    Pokémon Snap Remake: AHHHHHHH OH MY GOD HOL-

  17. Biggest Uno Reverse Card says:

    The fans: “We want Diamond & Pearl remakes-”

    TPC: “And we want those teeth of yours to shine like Diamonds and Pearls!”

    • Kallabanana [enter a f*cking last name] says:

      There you go.

    • The 64th Shadow says:

      The fans: “hi this time can you spend more time making the game a little bit more quality instead of rushing i–”

      TPC: WE MADE THIS NEXT GAME IN 12 MINUTES AND OVERWORKED OUR SMALL DEV TEAM YOU’LL LOVE IT IT’S CALLED POKEMON 12 that’ll be 80$ and 50$ for the ultraball dlc that fixes the bugs and adds 3 pokemon making it a total of 15

      Twitter: YESSSSSSS

    • CornTornado says:

      This is the most clever comment i have seen

    • Bucanneer Guy says:

      @The 64th Shadow the fans rush gf

    • ChronicPalladium says:

      @Bucanneer Guy and they eat up everything they get

  18. Terrell Campbell says:

    “Basic gameplay is available at no cost” I hope that model doesn’t become the norm in gaming smh

  19. Zero Two says:

    “New Pokemon Snap is announced”
    Me, an intellectual: Pokemon Smile

  20. HollisTP says:

    8:00 I almost had a heart attack because I thought mega evolution was coming to sword and shield and I got jebaited….

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