Pokémon Presents | 6.24.2020

Pokémon Presents | 6.24.2020

We have (more) Pokémon news.
You want (more) Pokémon news.

It’s time for another round of Pokémon Presents!

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74 Responses

  1. Blingy says:

    This is like Nintendo revealing a Paper Mario Thousand Year Door remake for a second in a big video then revealing Subway Surfers Mario Edition for a 10 minute video.

    • Josh Sletten says:

      Exactly, they should have revealed Unite in the previous stream and made this one about Pokémon snap new, that would probably remove a lot of anger considering we waited a week and had really high expectations, and just got Unite

    • Felix M says:


    • Riskyy says:

      *omg pokemon commented on my new video*

    • Ninjanoivern says:

      LightRook boy I’d do anything for a thousand year door remake😭 anything will still be better than getting my hopes up just to get this🤢

    • BlackDot says:

      @FlamingPickle88 Man can’t even spell ‘Unova’ right. Grow up mate, it’s painful to read such splat.

  2. Sulam01 says:

    They have a fetish for disappointing their fans

  3. Starrycat144 says:

    The Pokémon company: “next week we will talk about a *big* title we’re working on!”

    1 week later:

    *Never Gonna Give You Up starts playing*

  4. Carlos Mendez says:

    Seems like a cheese attempt at creating a moneygrab “Free to Start” “eSports” title.

  5. Sexynes says:

    They should’ve switched this with the New Pokemon Snap in their presentation

    • KTVX.94 says:

      I said this a bunch of times today

    • BlackDot says:

      @Riskyy What’s your deal? Oh come on, you’re better than that man. Have some respect for yourself.

    • Lydia Kuan says:

      The truth was that they most likely couldn’t have shown all mobile pokemon games together because Go itself was banned in China and TenCent made a clone to reap profits. If they’d shown them all last week then they would’ve had to ban the direct (in China) and lose their biggest audience aka Asian moba players.

  6. Levi says:

    “innovative” it’s literally just a moba but with Pokémon skins how is that innovative

  7. Q Chaotic B says:

    If they just included this with the one last week there wouldn’t have been all the hype about a “big project”

  8. Delta lord says:

    Well at least they werent lying about the title, it managed to unite the entire pokemon fandom against it.

    • Happy Tobus says:

      Where are my Diamond and Pearl Remakes Nintendo?!

    • ThevipeZ says:

      you seem to beg for likes on every single comment section huh

    • Elden Vedetta says:

      @Happy Tobus They could literally print free money by just UPPING THE GRAPHICS of games like those, not having to write a story or anything. But they think they’re so smart that they can just jump on the greediest of schemes and no one will bat an eye.

  9. continuumheartbeat says:

    im not touching this game. it has tencent involved.

    • Chris Redfield says:

      @Duke Adler Tencent is literally an extention of the Chinese Communist Party.

    • Hoodieornot says:

      Makes sense

    • continuumheartbeat says:

      @Duke Adler tencent is a chinese tech company that owns Epic Games and the store and has large amounts of influence over other game publishers such as riot! and Activision Blizzard. Tencent has a history of spying on and stealing its users information while also having close ties to the Chinese Government. i hope that this is a one time partnership, however i believe this is just the beginning.

    • Matthew Wagner says:

      @continuumheartbeat At that point, you must also avoid using tiktok because ByteDance does the same thing. And yet over a billion people use the app, and a billion Chinese users use Tencent’s version of tiktok.

    • Robert Lopez says:

      @continuumheartbeat Im sad bcuz the game actually looks like it would be fun to play. The fact that I have to worry about supporting a Chinese Communist party and risking my information when playing a game. Does simply downloading the game for free and being F2P risky?

  10. Kunal Kadam says:

    why do i sense tencent was behind this to make it a different trailer.

  11. Azzy Lunch says:

    Kid: Mum can I have League of Legends?
    Mum: We have League of Legends at home…
    League of Legends at home:

  12. Itachi Uchiha says:

    “My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.”

  13. MoonGaming says:

    I’m scared that they might announce
    *Pokemon Battle Royal*

    • awesome astronaut says:


    • Joshua Oliveros says:


    • Meyene Etuks says:

      They gotta hop on that train. Its wut bring in the $$$ lol. Every game dev is doin it

    • Elden Vedetta says:

      I would be fine with that. Battle Royale’s at least aren’t pay-to-win, they’re just disgustingly greedy on cosmetics generally, which is also a problem, but at the same time, I don’t know if Pokemon fits a Battle Royale theme. But anything would be better than this. Fallout 76 is better than this, and THAT is saying something.

  14. Alex P says:

    Bruh “free to start” just call it a demo then

    • M. V1c says:

      Don’t tell me that the definitive game won’t be free (without counting the micro transactions of course)

    • ÁngelMD 005 says:

      For pokemon free to start is the same than free to play, they are just telling there are microtransactions

    • Siel Klavar says:

      Anyone who has ever played a MOBA knows exactly what”free to start” means. Rotations of free units, ability to spend cash or a potential farmable currency to unlock characters permanently

    • Andrew Blechinger says:

      “Free to start” is their preferred term for F2P

  15. Drake Medinger says:

    “The first strategic team based pokemon battle game”
    Is this dude new or did he get hit in the head hard enough to forget the last 20+ years of pokemon?

  16. Radiant Silverback says:

    “I didn’t know who was going to win”
    There were no winners here, Ishihara-san.

  17. Skylar Summers says:

    partnering with tencent is like partnering with the devil.

  18. When The Bass Drops I'll Break Into A Dance Solo says:

    Gamefreak has been drunk on the power of Pokemon Go and won’t ever look back.

  19. dmomintz says:

    I’m a simple man, I see tencent and click dislike.

    • Steven Universe says:

      *K I N G*

    • Elden Vedetta says:

      And also boycott the game, because I like keeping my money or spending it on valuable things:) Never thought I’d say this but Fallout 76 looks more worth money than paying a dime for this.

  20. Elijah Josh Concepcion says:

    I wonder how bad, tone-deaf, unconnected to their fans, low, brain-dead, of a marketing strategist you need to be in order to pull this off.

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