Pokemon, Reviewed by a Dad Who Knows Nothing about Pokemon

Pokemon, Reviewed by a Dad Who Knows Nothing about Pokemon

In which John Green, who has never seen any Pokemon movies or TV shows and knows almost nothing about the Pokemon universe, attempts to imagine what Pokemon are and how they came to be.

Anyway, I hope you catch ’em all.

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20 Responses

  1. Avery-Quinn Maddox says:

    Who the eff is Hankémon?

  2. TheTNTerminator says:

    We need a video of Henry explaining Pokemon to John

  3. Steven Irwin says:

    I want someone to animate this

  4. vlogbrothers says:

    For the riddle this week:

    The armed one who doubted now muses on the creature that inspired HiM.
    The fourth in the seventh is the subject of an assessment of last week’s SOS. How many, what colour, what shape?

  5. Allyssa swain says:

    A couple of things
    1. Pokemon isn’t the future. it’s a fantasy world.
    2. you can only carry 6 pokemon at a time, you do not have the option of carrying 17 Pidgeys.
    3. In the anime the professor studies the pokemon on his ranch-lab like place , in the games all they do is sit in the box.
    4. Of course they don’t die. then you’d run out pretty fast and the game would be over.
    5. The sport of battling in and of itself does not help save the world, but each game has a subplot where you have to take down an evil organization.
    6. Pokemon evolve mostly by leveling up, but there are a myriad of other ways ,such as evolution stones.
    7. There is fishing in Pokemon, but you’re are most likely to get the weakest one, Magikarp.
    8. Pikachu is a mouse.Not all Pokemon are based directly on specific animals anyway and many are not based on animals at all. many are based around plants, objects and ideas.

  6. Jacob H. says:

    “It doesn’t seem like winning Pokémon battles helps save the world”
    Except for when the story of every Pokémon game involves using Pokémon to defeat criminal organizations that are trying to destroy the world.

  7. PaperMario N64 says:

    Thank Arceus for this video.

  8. Ivy June says:

    Some thoughts I have to offer as a person who watched/loved Pokemon as a kid and who is now rewatching the original series as a 22-year-old: There is a huge emphasis throughout the story that Pokemon aren’t really meant to be captured unless they’re willing to be/the trainer is experienced enough to handle them, and that Pokemon aren’t servants to their trainers, but instead partners whose feelings are actually considered in both battle and non-battle situations. There’s a huge emphasis on the bond of friendship between a trainer and a Pokemon in the way the show is written, where bad trainers are the ones who take advantage of their Pokemon and good trainers are kind to their Pokemon. I think it’s that friendship/partnership element that makes a huge difference in how I perceive the message Pokemon is trying to send.

  9. Alicia Liu says:

    John, Pikachu is based off of a PIKA, a lagomorph related to the rabbit. They’re quite cute! ?

  10. Shiva Vallabhaneni says:

    Can all us nerdfighters develop Crash Course: Pokémon. ‘Cause I think it’s necessary.

  11. Dennis McGhee says:

    This video is gonna make me mad

  12. Tyler Oakley says:


  13. Schmendrick Potter says:

    As someone who played Pokémon since 1998 and who still plays it enthusiastically this explanation made me cringe juuuust a bit. Like, Pokémon battles don’t make the world a better place? WHAT? I have saved the world several times only through Pokémon battles, which means by my deep and meaningful friendship with my Pokémon.

  14. trilemma85 says:

    Why do people fish? So they can mark down fishing boat proceeds on their tax returns, of course.

  15. The Dynast Queen says:

    Are you trying to suggest that I did not single handedly save the world multiple times by battling incompetent insane yet at times sexy adults via virtual cockfightig?! HOW DARE YOU! I AM THE CHAMPION OF SEVERAL REGIONS AND I FEED GOD CUPCAKES!! RESPECT ME! *_jingles Klefki_*

  16. Briton Angel says:

    “it doesn’t seem like winning Pokemon battle helps save the world”
    Times pokemon battles saved the world:
    ash vs Mewtwo
    lugia vs the 3 birds
    pikachu vs team rocket
    celib vs dark celebi
    latios vs earth crushing wave
    jirachi vs Grudon
    rayquaza vs deoxys
    lucario vs life tree thing
    manaphie vs phantom
    Darkrai vs palkia and dialga
    shamin vs giratina
    Arceus vs everyone
    victini vs reshiram
    victini vs zekrom
    keldio vs kyurem
    i haven seen these but they must save the world somehow
    Genesect legend awakened
    cocoon of destruction
    clash of ages
    volcaion and the machanical marvel

  17. Jeff Muehlbauer says:

    The plural of Pokemon is Pokemon 🙂

  18. Ilostmypick says:

    “John Explains Things He Knows Nothing About” needs to be a series.

  19. Mare Kirk says:

    I think I need a “John reacts to The Pokémon Movie” now.

  20. Auberta Ting says:

    John, my biology teacher said

    “Pokémon evolution is really metamorphosis rather than evolution.”

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