Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Announcement Trailer

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Announcement Trailer

Welcome to the open world of Pokémon.

Embark on an open-world adventure in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, arriving on Nintendo Switch in late 2022.

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47 Responses

  1. Vailskibum94 says:

    The fact that it’s already coming out this year is both surprising and potentially disastrous.

  2. Hannah Lee says:

    I wonder if the colors are a reference to infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths? I’ve been thinking of this idea for a pokemon game for years, so it’s pretty cool to see them actually implement it! I just hope the legendaries are cool void pokemon with glowing red-orangish or violet light outlines, like the glowing OPEN letters you see at night outside stores. It would be really funny though if we got a toaster oven and a tanning bed instead.

  3. Sydney Sutter says:

    For this next game I do hope they give smeargle and evolution or at least a regional differences but keep the painting perspective of him given the art in Spain. In which case I can see the water type based off what looks like an artist cap on its head that it’s evolution line revolves around painting. Another thing they could pull as a legendary would be one of the folklore creatures of
    Spain being Lariosauro. Which is a sea monster so he could be another water legendary possibly.

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    • Kalin The Zola says:

      Smeargle needs more love so I agree

    • Ivy W says:

      Shuckle gang? ANYONE?!????

    • Sydney Sutter says:

      @Jon Bass something like that would do. Just in general it would be nice to have a wide variety of new Pokémon like in the older generation s rather then a small scale of them that we s been recently getting such as Hisiuan it feels like the scale was too small of new Pokémon or regional forms

    • WutM8 says:

      @Lucky Arceus Imagine a regional form of Lucario that they drop on us.

  4. Tweek_ says:

    As long as they don’t pull an incineroar with the grass starter, this’ll be my first time picking a starter that isn’t water in a while. So excited for the games!

  5. k says:

    The starters are so cute! They feel really different than previous generations to me, but it feels like you can get an idea of their personalities just from looking at them 💖

    • k says:

      @Stephen Alexa lmao can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious but it does read like a joke. Pokémon will always have designs you don’t like, but there is an audience for everything. I personally enjoy seeing new designs, new moves, new characters, new regions even if I don’t love them all. They’re aren’t solely meant for me- they’re meant for the world.

    • Deatonic says:

      @Stephen Alexa Pokemon always looked ridiculous. Sometimes cool. Sometimes lame. All the way back to gen 1. Shut up and let people enjoy cute duck.

    • Stephen Alexa says:

      That right there is why Pokemon look so ridiculous now. You’re actively encouraging it. They need to go back to gen 1 and 2. When the Pokemon were worth catching.

    • Patrick Zalatoris says:

      not judging, but im hoping the duck pokemon has a cool evolution

  6. Crossing Channel says:

    This looks fantastic. Imagine what they did with Legends, but fully open world. From the description, that seems to be what is coming. From the wild area, to Legends, to this. Super excited!

  7. Smart Gamer says:

    There are so much new possibilities with this. New Type combo’s, new regional forms, and maybe even a new Eeveelution. I hope we get more info soon.

    • Resa Chiic Covers says:

      a new eeveelution at last would be wonderful :O

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  8. GenesisJames says:

    This looks really promising! Spain is a great choice for a region to be based on; very distinct landmarks and visual style. I also LOVE that they’re keeping the open-ended nature of PL:A but having each area be more seamlessly connected together. It seems to be a great expansion on Sw/Sh and PL:A, and I hope Legends’ capture mechanics come back alongside the traditional Sw/Sh battling and items/abilities. Graphically it looks good, and though it could be better, it’s still an improvement on the last two releases. It kinda has a Dragon Quest XI vibe to it which is pretty neat. I also really like how it seems like they’re using the New Pokémon Snap art style and character designs. Perfect way to change things up a bit while also feeling familiar. Part of me wonders if a few Bandai Namco members are helping out with this game lmao. The starters are also fantastic; first time since Gen V where I actually love ALL of them! The early-ish release date is slightly disconcerting, but it seems like the game is already pretty far along, so that’s good.

    I’ve learned not to trust Pokémon fans when it comes to new games since my tastes tend to not align with them a lot of the time, so I’m excited to try these out for myself when they come out! Hopefully there’s a lot of new Pokémon to choose from!!

    • KCuahtemoc says:

      Its based on Spain? Darn. Disappointing. Skipping this entry.

    • Snusey says:

      @Kirby With A Knife Is awesome as a Los Angeleser (is that how you say it?) the Los Angeles region would have smog all the time

    • GenesisJames says:

      @zoombini I was actually banking on Gen IX being India themed, too! Copperajah’s Sword Pokédex entry really gave me the impression that was what we were getting. Really digging the Spanish vibes here though, and I do hope we get a region based on India in the future!!

    • GenesisJames says:

      @Steve Saeteurn Same here! Sw/Sh is tied with S/M for my third favorite games in the series. It had its problems and it DID feel a bit rushed towards the end, but I think it did a lot right.

      Yeah, I’m thinking the overworld Pokémon are here to stay, and I’m hoping that means catching them on the overworld is, too. The battle mechanics are probably gonna go back to the tried and true formula, since the strong/agile style moves only really made sense in context of Legends. I really hope the Legends method of catching is the same here, though. It made wild encounters feel so seamless and quick compared to the older methods.

    • Leroy Jenkins says:

      $0.15 has been deposited into your account

  9. Wi hat Mi says:

    Hopefully this will be what we always wanted. A traditional Pokemon world but in fully 3D and without any loading times. Not a world where you can go everywhere right from the beginning but a game where you can reach new cities and routes by gaining more abilities and creating your open world over time by youself and where you can then travel or even fly seemlessly after later in the game. This is what keeps you motivated and lets the game feel like a journey rather than an empty void where you can just work to the last city right from the beginning. I don’t want the wrong open world philosophy destroy the next brilliant world design because the way this terrain is crafted looks so promising to me.

    • Barnacle Scum says:

      Dude, be honest, its gonna be ass. This game looks almost exactly the same as sdbp and swsh, and it’s coming out only a year after sdbp. The trailer doesn’t even show anything worthwhile, and even the sdbp trailers had that. Gamefreak has given up, and it’s about time pokemon fans give up on gamefreak and start looking elsewhere for pokemon-like games

    • Marcello Alvarez says:

      this is as disappointing as Pokémon arceus in term of graphics

    • RoseColoredIris says:

      I just wish Nintendo stopped making consoles and just focused on games. The Switch definitely can’t hand a good looking open world game. If I could play Scarlet on the PS5 I would be super down. As it is, I very much doubt Nintendo can pull it off. Bit of a shame.

    • Baatar Beifong says:

      I hope that if they continue with restricting which previous Pokemon are available in their games, that they hopefully make the world look as beautiful as those in the Xenoblade Chronicles/DQ 11xs/MHS2 games. I hope the games have voice acting and that Project Kingpin still comes true this year. If Scarlet/Violet turn out bad, then I want to be able to at least migrate all the Pokemon I want migrated to my Sword game (especially before they stop 3ds online support)~ I wonder if they have anything special planned for their 1,000th Pokemon.

  10. yuWIN says:

    Okay, so I have a theory on why we’re getting three Pokemon games in the span of a year – Pokemon Legends: Arceus was likely done by their A-team/core staff members, GF outsourced their Gen 4 remakes to ILCA around the same time Sword/Shield was being distributed for worldwide release, and I have a hunch that this game is being developed by their newest, least experienced staff, basically bringing newer blood into an increasingly stagnant franchise, which is why I believe that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the mainline series’ first soft reboots since 2010’s Black and White. Even the choice to name the upcoming games from the color wheel feels like a borrowed influence from the first two generations, so I feel like they’re really going for something more anew with the way they approach the series’ main building blocks and subsequent tropes. Here’s hoping these are the game we’ve been looking forward to like we wanted from last generation.

    • Saraswat Patra .26 says:

      I think Pokemon legends Arceus was done by their B team because the director was of USUM and the team that showed at the credit was similar to USUM and the A team always works on new Gen games while the B on remakes and other stuff.

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