Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with a side of salt

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with a side of salt

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51 Responses

  1. liiuu7y says:

    Let’s face it guys… Pikachu will never leave that pose…

  2. Fia says:

    Honestly I miss mega evos. My mom calls terrstrializing “giving the Pokémon a stupid looking hat” and I’m inclined to agree.

    • GrizzlyCharizard00 says:

      @Appalachia Brauchfrau Dynamax is still garbage.

    • A says:

      I disliked megas for being to exclusive tbh

    • Stormy says:

      That’s literally what MandJTV said

    • SlySonic1015 says:

      I want my megas back

    • tr4sh says:

      Mega was pretty dumb though. Only a handful can use them AND it has to be a fully evolved Pokemon. Like I love Squirtle not Blastoise so I will never be able to Mega. Personally I like mechanics that give EVERYONE the ability to use it like Z Crystals,Dynamax, and Terastallize… So every mechanic after gen 6 lol.
      I would say Dynamax was pretty okay since some Pokemon changed forms with Gigantimax kind of like Mega but worse lol. Im not a fan of the Pokemon model just getting upscaled to kaiju style battles.

  3. Candondor victor says:

    Wait this isn’t salt!!! This is just actually seasoning!!!

  4. Darc Hart94 says:

    Apparently I also recently found out that the lagginess only gets worse if you play for too long. You have to save, close the game, and then reopen it and the lag goes away for a couple hours. I think they said it’s something to do with the big city center

    • Nestrior says:

      @xinf3ctdx Two big problems are time and manpower. One isn’t allowed because of bs scheduling and I really have no good explanation for the other. I just now that it takes time to get people up to speed (especially when the “core” is still figuring a few things out themselves) and that a situation akin to CoD with 3000 people working on yearly releases with 3 years per is currently far out of reach. It’s not about the raw numbers, just the general approach. Two bigger teams that work 4 years per game on a 2 year release schedule would be a massive improvement. Will Game Freak and Creatures do that? Who knows. They haven’t so far. But the question of what to do as a consumer still remains.

    • Spaghetti is Yummy. says:

      @Saltpork From what i’ve heard, in Sun and Moon, instead of pulling up the same Model several times, they instead copy and pasted it for every Cutscene in which they used it.
      I’m pretty sure that the Model they did this for was for “Lillie”, or whatever the White Hat Girl’s name was.

    • Marlotix says:

      @Adaphion Xenoblade 2 and 3 also have memory leak problems.

    • GrayTrooper says:

      The game has a memory leak as of writing. An avoidable, and unacceptable mistake for a multi million dollar company, but the devs literally can’t breathe without being behind on deadlines.

    • TigerMan3201 says:

      @AdaphionYou see, the difference between those games and these games is that Monolithsoft didn’t work on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

  5. Randomahh says:

    He is spitting FACTS in this whole segment. 0:40 – 1:20

  6. Grapes says:

    Honestly I just hope they let the devs take more time to really finish the game, instead of forcing them to crunch & having the games release feeling kinda empty/ unpolished

    • J Murray says:


      Pokémon is a multimedia empire when that release date is set it’s set in stone

      Fuck devs apparently the movie, merch line, the new anime season, the go update and the colouring book all release there so the games must do as well

      Though the industry has had it standard practise for even the worst games

      FNAF security breach was delayed with the tie in stuff released before (funko) and yet they still forced it out early because Christmas is too lucrative a season to not release a game before

    • Zwill's co op Channel says:

      @Emanuele Balducci Pokemon has always had dlc. Example Pokemon yellow, Crystal, Emerald, platinum and ultra sun and moon. You see it always had dlc just as a different game instead of a add on

    • If I weren't retired I'd... says:

      @ln+3rna1hàbän3r0s I look at the Pokémon games the same way I look at the Star Wars franchise. The core of Pokémon is the games, and the core of Star Wars is the movies. Once the movies dipped heavily in quality, interest in Star Wars went down overall (I say that as a very casual Star Wars fan, which I would say most people are). If a Pokémon game reaches a sufficiently low level of quality, it might actually do noticeably worse sales-wise or harm the following game’s sales and harm the brand overall as a result. In both cases, the audience could definitely be brought back, but that dip could occur nonetheless

      It’s in Pokémon’s best interest to be a quality product, hence my annoyance with all the factors contributing to SV being unfinished and lacking polish

    • StarryOak76 says:

      @ln+3rna1hàbän3r0s I mean, yes, I think Gamefreak definitely does make their own choices that cause problems for themselves, but I do think that the dynamic of having a massive franchise depending on you producing content on a regular basis the way Pokémon does literally just cannot be healthy for such a small team, even if they are choosing to keep themselves small and this is hindering them, it doesn’t mean that crunch culture ISN’T affecting them, it doesn’t mean that a corporation on the level and size that the larger Pokemon Company is can’t be pressuring them covertly if not overtly.

    • Keeys says:

      They won’t because people keep buying it.
      Giving them money then saying you hope something changes doesn’t make any sense

  7. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    2:15 I like how Scott says “im very disappointed” and proceeds to have optimistic voice anyway

    • Netherwolf6100 says:

      @Matthew Brooks Ah alright

    • Matthew Brooks says:

      @Netherwolf6100 The way he described it in various community posts, it’s more for his own peace of mind than it is appeasing anyone else. It’s hard to accurately describe without looking back at the various introspective posts he’s made, but it usually results in a “compliment sandwich” style of format as opposed to any sort of sugar-coating.

    • Netherwolf6100 says:

      @Matthew Brooks Won’t lie that sounds completely disingenuous. Its fine if someone doesn’t like something and does talk about their negative opinions on things, as long as they’re being honest. Putting on a more positive front to appease the opinions of others has a really empty and shallow feel to it.

    • Matthew Brooks says:

      That’s something he decided to start trying to maintain in the last year or two. He doesn’t want to relentlessly dump on anything and he doesn’t want to sound like a downer. Certainly a respectable goal

    • Netherwolf6100 says:

      @Zenta I ain’t buying shit from Gamefreak anymore, especially Pokemon games.

  8. JOJOkaiser says:

    It’s only a matter of time when ScottFalco will ever get excited for another Pokemon game ever again…oh well!😁

  9. Smug Bow Kid says:

    You know, it’s weird. My opinions on recent Pokémon games have literally been: “This is… not that great, but it’s a good stepping stone, and I’m glad to see how they improve in the future!”

    Again. And again. And again. I’m hoping this doesn’t continue.

    • SynysterDawn says:

      @NoizePusher BOTW had bad frame rate in some areas, and the improvements it did receive were minor because the issue was already fairly minor in the first place. BOTW was also a console release title rather then being developed for a console that has now existed for over 5 years. Game Freak has also consistently been putting out games that run poorly on the Switch despite pretty much every other major series having higher graphical fidelity and/or more content. I’ll be glad if it’s improved, but you’re a fool if you think it’s likely to happen.

    • Eldoofus The Big Doofus says:

      At this point, I believe incremental improvement is a big fat lie… just as Shadow the Hedgehog would sing: “One step forward, two steps backs.”

    • J Murray says:

      Pokémon refuses to actually improve they need to keep selling you home and the virtual console games so they are ensuring that no gage can supplant another

    • Sir Zorba says:

      @Broomer52 “Incremental improvement” simply isn’t good enough for literally the highest grossing media franchise in the world. These games feel like they’re stuck back in the early 2000’s

    • TheGoldenDunsparce says:

      They keep having good ideas that could be polished a bit, and then they just toss it the next game… :<

  10. Vidd. says:

    I feel like the character model style for sword and shield looked better
    Cell shaded visuals just work better for pokemon imo
    To add it to this open world style something like botw/genshin would work well where the world looks more painted with smoother lighting and the characters being cell shaded but matching the world’s colors and lighting to not stick out

    • Vidd. says:

      @Grayson Wells idk I kinda liked the cell shaded, desaturated style

    • Grayson Wells says:

      The characters models is Sw/Sh I think look good but I couldn’t stand the Pokémon in the games style. They all looked like models made from plastic and rubber.

    • cariandi says:

      Yeah, I only just started playing Shield a few weeks ago, and I really love the lighting on the models, the color palettes, and the character designs. The flat, washed out colors and uninspired designs of the two newer games really bewilder me… How did SwSh have such vibrant, well lit models and Arceus and SV end up so bland???

    • loof says:

      I agree

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