Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Second Trailer Reaction

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Second Trailer Reaction

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet second trailer was on June 1st, 2022 where we got new pokemon reveals, Scarlet and Violet Legendary Pokemon, and Scarlet and Violet release date. here is the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet second trailer Reaction.

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43 Responses

  1. Chroma zyzx says:

    The fact the scarlet trainer was trading a larvitar for a bagon probably means that tyranitar is a pseudo legendary exclusive to scarlet and salamance to violet

    • kirbyverby the trashy animator says:

      @RengokuStan I really think they wouldn’t do that and even if they would use the linking cord

    • Lucas Lokheim Bjerknes says:

      @BIG hazza So, it’s the only pseudo you care about?

    • VHS says:

      The fact that you actually care about that… Than the actual quality of the game.. Half of these pokemon don’t look nothing like pokemon there designs are either over the top and stupid or lazy.

    • BIG hazza says:

      I don’t care if I use tyranitar or not I want the game with it in. Plus I was on the fence because the legendaries are both so cool

    • Jai Sookram says:

      well, that confirms that I’m getting scarlet 😍

  2. Cambios Fairfield says:

    Fun fact: “Lechón” is how you call a young pig in Spanish, so Lechonk is a very funny name in both Spanish and English 👌🏻

    • Rolando J-Rmn says:

      @Checker Aj Yeah it’s food because it’s pig. We say “carne de lechón” which is pig meat or “lechón asado” which would be roasted pig. Lechonk is basically a play with lechón and chunky!

    • Naruskeful says:

      Dude I was ganna say this if u hadn’t lol I died when I read lechonks name lol

    • Holy Crusader says:

      @Animefan E true especially with tepig already having the big pig class in Pokemon I doubt they’ll make another

    • Animefan E says:

      @Holy Crusader they could go the glamemeow route and make the evolution the opposite

    • NYCONIC says:

      Yea “French pig” bothered me lol

  3. Amzorcen says:

    the one thing that really caught my eye was the two legendaries and the professors. the professor for scarlet dresses like some sort of cave woman. flintstones style. the legendary for scarlet looks like a dinosaur from ancient times. the professor for violet dresses almost futuristic. and the legendary for violet also looks futuristic with its jets and robotic design

    • JJ P says:

      @French_Toast3 Colonization.

    • Nobody says:

      How are yall just now realizing

    • Coran says:

      @Lucas Olivares Are you sure? La Pasada is just the feminine form of El Pasado, her name is Sada which is just Pasada with the first two letters removed. Futuro means future and the professor’s name is Turo so clearly they just both had the first two letters removed. I’m in my second year of Spanish and we were taught past tenses and depending on the period of time it was you would use either pasado or pasado. If I wanted to say last week it would be La semana pasada but if I wanted to say last year it would be El año pasado.

    • Lucas Olivares says:

      @Coran no, it doesn’t

  4. Goat says:

    My theory is that Scarlet is themed on the past and violet on the future? The legendary Pokémon and the professors show that. Also I’m definitely picking violet and most likely, for my first play through at least, Sprigattito

    • Kaitv says:

      I heard that there are just two different schools one based of science and the other a more tribal feel

    • Ian Jones says:

      I tend to sway one way and another as more details are released. 1st trailer, I couldn’t pick which version I wanted, but I was leaning Sprigatito. Now I’m leaning Scarlet and Fuecoco.

    • Broomer52 says:

      I’m a sucker for the Robo-Lizard Legendary plus I like Purple more than Red anyways.

    • Nhaci Nanp says:

      I was thinking the same for my first starter, but idk quaxly growing on me now. I def think the lizard thing is totally ugly. Hopefully it’s evolutions don’t disappoint.

  5. Pokemon Pickle says:

    I’m pretty sure that the legendaries represent the past and future, same with the professors. The Scarlet one is traditional to represent the past, while the violet one is modern/techy to represent the future.

    • Lucas Olivares says:

      @AlustorMorbus oh, then it’s Portuguese instead of Spanish huh

    • AlustorMorbus says:

      @Lucas Olivares past in Portuguese is passada.

    • Gaspelios says:

      @Lucas Olivares You are right lol, I was thinking of a sentence that uses “pasada” but there pasada is used as last, like for example when you say “last week”, we would say “semana pasada”

    • Lucas Olivares says:

      @Gaspelios it’s so weird because pasada doesn’t exist but whatever

    • 土荅糸彔虫且吃💩長大 says:

      They look like they’re from how to train your dragons

  6. Shalyn 9613 says:

    I like how the baby pokemon are simple, because you know that their evolutions will be very intricate. I’m excited

  7. Master Enlightenment says:

    Don’t certain lizards puff up their chest when territorial/aggressive? Makes me wonder if the “past vs future” theme is quite literal in the “vs” part, in that the two lizard legends are fighting over the region (or maybe a mate 😏) and the game you choose determines which side of said battle you end up on.

    This could also tie in with the school rivalry theory

    • TaterToot says:

      Absolutely, look up brown anole. The also puff up their colorful chest dewlap

    • Master Enlightenment says:

      @Da illest foo actually yeah I forgot about the 3rd legendary, it very well could be over a mate.

    • Da illest foo says:

      The fighting over a mate seems true cus there is always a 3rd legandary pokemon that they introduced at the end of the game or that 3rd legendary Pokemon separates them when fighting and I have a theory that the second pokemon might present the present and it won’t be a game exclusive

    • player 1 says:

      yeah it’s a dewlap

  8. 00Qan says:

    The official photos show the professors’ fashion, resembling the legendaries. Scarlet/sada looks more tribe/historical like, violet/tudo looks more science/futuristic.

  9. Elias Labordus says:

    I think those kiosk things will be the new pokemon center. Look at the red roof. Which would mean no loading zones to get in the pokemon center. Really nice for open world

  10. Connor Carlson says:

    Lechonk is my new favorite pokemon. Also, the name apparently comes from the dish Lechon, which is spit-roasted pig, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it evolves into a fire type.

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