Pokemon: Why Ash Will NEVER be a Pokemon Master! – Did You Know Movies ft. Remix of WeeklyTubeShow

Pokemon: Why Ash Will NEVER be a Pokemon Master! – Did You Know Movies ft. Remix of WeeklyTubeShow

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The Pokemon Anime was schedule to run for only a year and a half, but due to its immense success its now one of the longest running shows on TV. And DID YOU KNOW… the shows creators never want Ash to become a Pokemon Master?! Hidaka has stated that if that ever happens the show will end.

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20 Responses

  1. Oscar - Barry Peanut says:

    B-b-but ash has to

  2. CrystalTigerclaw says:

    Will Ash ever become a Pokemon master? I GUESS WE’LL NEVER

  3. Haywire09666 says:

    Yeah! Matpat hit puberty again!

  4. Etrinix IU says:

    More eye candy?! It’s designed for 10 year olds!!!!!

  5. Ryan McCarthy says:

    1:58 well atleast he’s honest. “It has nothing to do with the actual
    personalities, we just wanna put little girls in bikinis”

  6. nicky Uann says:

    Every episode has the same plot. The exact same plot. This isn’t anime.
    It’s shit.

  7. Alex Mc says:

    Poor Misty, get kicked out for “Eye Candy” BULLS* <.< Because female characters are just there for stupid eye candy reasons. Screw you whoever made this decision.

  8. Big T. Larrity says:

    Who else is disappointed that this isn’t a Theory.

  9. No says:

    What’s funny about the banned episode with the tauros is that Ash remembers
    it in Sun and Moon . He says something like “I know about tauros. I caught

  10. Cheese Balls says:

    I stopped watching when they removed Brock

  11. briansivley2001 says:

    Man us Americans are way too sensitive to the extreme. Those ban episodes I
    have seen especially the one in the Tentacool attack the city I saw after
    9/11 and I wasn’t offended by it. America goes way too far with kids
    cartoons and they don’t give kids any credit either. Kids are smart it’s
    the adults who think that kids are stupid and don’t understand anything.

  12. Joaquin Pirotto says:

    What a bunch of pussies, will they ban king kong too?

  13. Bucky Kentucky12 says:

    Its my ? birthday could this post get 500 likes or some subscribers? I’d
    appreciate it.

  14. HerrStein says:

    lool, pulled an episode for the American market because GUNS…Oh Murica,
    you so funny :D

  15. Dan Contreras says:

    “How dare you show pistols in your show! That’s what school shootings are

  16. Pupppet9000 says:

    Yeah, the way USA bans the tv shows out of fear that it might offend
    someone just shows how unstable it’s population’s mental health is…I
    mean, look at Japanese animated movies! Ponyo references tsunamis, Haul’s
    castle – atomic and carpet bombing and Spirited away has a dragon spewing
    blood and a monster eating other monsters alive! And yet those are
    children’s movies!
    You know what USA, tragedies happen, but if we are going to constantly look
    back and think that our work or culture might offend someone or remind of
    something bad – we won’t be able to enjoy our life at all!It is like
    connecting svastica and Hitler – so what now, Buddah is also a Nazi?

  17. Asdayasman says:



  18. Col. Gob Knobbler says:

    I’ve never though of Brock as a sterotype, I honestly don’t know why I
    never thought of that.

  19. Vaginal Protrusion Of The Cyst Filled Outer Labia says:

    Wait.. they replace the girls for eye candy?
    There 10 right?
    Isn’t that a bit fucked?!!!

  20. Callum Shamwana says:

    So after 9/11 any show featuring a giant monster and guns can’t be made?