Polar vortex: -46C temperatures as Chicago River turns to ice

Polar vortex: -46C temperatures as Chicago River turns to ice

A blast of Arctic air from the polar vortex has meant temperatures (with wind chill) are set to drop to as low as -46C (-50F) in Chicago. Cities in the midwest opened warming shelters as temperatures plummeted well below zero. The Illinois governor warned the weather ‘poses a serious threat’ to people’s wellbeing. The polar vortex, a mass of freezing air, usually spins around the north pole
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81 Responses

  1. xJuiCYxxJaYx says:

    that’s what you get when there are more cars on the planet than people, when companies are poisoning our lakes and rivers with toxic waste or when our outdated underground sewers are well behind repair not to mention the millions of morons that are born everyday and who grow up to be nothing but stupid and yet they all make more money than me somehow

  2. The almighty DDD pose says:

    Wow that’s pretty COOL

  3. Fizz_Fanta says:

    All i gotta say is hella snow days

  4. Bill Clawson says:

    Sorry again, but -46C is -50F. This shows up in the caption, above, but is fixed in the video.

    • Santiago Sanchez says:

      +Jake Hix wait, do you live in the US. If so, how is it easy to drive when speed limits are in mph. Do guess, already know the conversation, or figure out you drive.

    • Shawn Hodgins says:

      +Santiago Sanchez both numbers are on the speedometer.

    • Ben Bowland says:

      @Santiago Sanchez not true. It’s also officially used by the Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands, and Palau.

    • Anthony Tyler says:

      J O actually Kelvin is used by scientist not Celsius.

    • Scott Gordon says:

      The real problem is the Farenheit temperature is the correct one. They should have changed to -33C.
      When they ‘fixed’ their mistake, they made an even bigger mistake.

  5. Isaiah Medellin says:

    The Day After Tomorrow

  6. Ismaeel Hussain says:

    Meanwhile in the UK we complaining about -3 degrees Celsius and NO SNOW !

    • Luke Harvey says:

      +mallaka8 Yeah, but ismaeel isn’t British.. he’s clearly from the middle East or Pakistan or such.

    • OverKnight 52 says:

      Lotboy 1300 they say? You havent stepped outside? Bro i let my dogs out for a minute and they came back, done, and tapping on the door
      My dads car bearly started (2017 ford explorer new factory battery) and most of the neighboors cars didnt start. Lmfao its terrible. With the windchill it makes it so much worse.
      I stood near the window waiting for my friend to come over, and i could feel the cold air just radiating off my window. Sometimes i hate living here in chicago… at least we havent been hit with a blizzard in a while

    • Dylan Davos says:

      I feel you man I’m in Ireland it peaked -5C yesterday but no snow or even ice , just bearable cold , never experienced anything near -40C the coldest it’s ever got here in my lifetime was -11C last year and it was rough. Our countries have no extremes on either side of the weather scale. So boring it’s just average everything.

    • Mike Robisnson says:

      It’s relative mate.

    • Richard Williamson says:

      Greetings from Chicago! -°3 will feel like “walk around” weather after this brother.

  7. Dan Pasare says:

    The -46C is not the temperature, it’s the wind chill factor. The temperature is -26C. Wind chill factor is that which makes touching an aluminum plate at +23C feel colder than a wool cloth at +23C.

    • Danny Nicastro says:

      Dan Pasare ….bottom line is put your sweaters on!!!

    • Lucid999 456 says:

      Dan Pasare no, you are confused with thermal conductivity

    • Dan Pasare says:

      +Lucid999 456 No, I am not confused. Wind chill is about about thermal conductivity. You never experience temperature as is. You experience temperature through thermal conductivity.

    • Jeff Hoz says:

      +Lucid999 456 Thermal conductivity is what wind chill is all about. It’s simply about how fast you lose heat. Obviously with air moving rapidly across your skin it will be able to equalize the temperature quicker, thus making you colder faster.

    • D W says:

      If wind chill were real, why isn’t it used during the summer? 95 degree day and cool breezes blowing all around.

  8. Al H. says:

    I’m not worried about our planet and its nature because our stable genius orange president told us that climate change is a Chinese hoax.

    • James Evans says:

      +Shawn Hodgins
      Wow you’re a genius.

    • James Evans says:

      +Shawn Hodgins
      Tell us more, Wise One.
      Believe your politicians, they wouldn’t lie about the proven hoax of ” global warming.”

    • James Evans says:

      +Shikhar Verma
      The hotter it gets, the colder it gets.
      The dumber you get, the smarter you will become.
      The faster you run, eventually you’ll be walking.
      The more you eat, the more you starve.
      The darker it gets, the lighter it gets.

  9. will n says:

    All of these “what about global warming” comments make me laugh. People have no idea what is actually happening. All of that ice that is MELTING in the arctic due to the *warming* of the earths surface, creates warmer oceans, which in turn create high pressure areas in the atmosphere which then affect the jet stream (the river of air that flows from west to east across the northern hemisphere) These high pressure areas are CAUSED BY HEAT, and they are causing the jet stream to dip farther south, allowing these “polar vortex” winds to cross the U.S. so yes, global warming is real, and it is very much the cause of this. Read a book or something jesus.

    • Jeffrey Lebowski says:

      Man-made Global Warming, oh yeah, that’s just like, your opinion, man! These are just excuses they are presenting us to let us believing their manufactured bullshite. Sorry man. The “distorted polar jet stream”-theory has been debunked by several scientific sources. Furthermore look at world wide temperatures being in the minus region. For instance in South Europe Greece, which is absolutely not normal and can’t be explained with your polar jet stream theory.

    • Mr slime [ube says:

      Haha ikr

    • Vegito SS4 says:


    • Sam Bro says:

      I started yo read this but got bored

  10. Doug Anderson says:

    Learn the difference between WIND CHILL and AIR TEMPERATURE. It is inaccurate to speak of temperatures of -50 F without explaining wind chill, and that wind chill does not impact anything other than the rate exposed human flesh will freeze. The actual air temperature of -21 F in not that unusual for much of the plains, such as the Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana, etc.

    • Morgan Field says:

      Doug Anderson Good point.-46 C got me confused. Your explanation clears it up. Perhaps person who posted felt that putting it that way would bring in more viewers. Not a good thing to do. Thanks.

    • OverKnight 52 says:

      Mark camp lowest it got was -26 last night, tonight its -17 but again with the windchill it does make it so much worse. And we havent been hit with this type of weather since they read about -40-50 in ohare 2 years ago

    • wzrubicon says:

      Two weeks ago, -30F here. This week – teens. All normal winter

    • Ruth Henriquez says:

      Doug is right. -40s F in Minneapolis (-60 w/ wind chill) was normal back in the ’80s. However, I don’t remember these cold blasts dipping as far south as they do now, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention. I’m writing from Duluth, MN, where it gets in the -20s every winter, and no one in the media ever gives a damn when it does.

    • D W says:

      +TheMoezilla – I experience wind blowing. Both in winter and summer. Both make temperature seem cooler. But my thermometer says otherwise.

  11. Laura Williams says:

    Many thanks to all the hard workers out in all of that freezing cold weather helping to keep things ticking over; the workers on the tracks / public transport, the bin men, mail men, truck drivers delivering basic necessities to the stores (milk, bread..)
    Hopefully it warms up for you all really soon ☺️

    • Laura Williams says:

      Danny Nicastro My brother & his family are currently residing in San Diego (4th year..) from the U.K.
      Life is certainly different to what it was here. I did worry during the most recent fires however, not something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

      Not all celebs take things for granted but i know exactly what you mean. I don’t think everyone stops to think about the hard grafters in life anymore. My own father was a farmer, 40+yrs getting up at 4:20am, back by 7:30pm (8:30pm if it was harvest season), hard manual labour, up & out at all hours in all weathers come rain, shine or snow.
      He’s retired & has been 8yrs.. he still gets up at 5am to go & deliver papers in the car to local villages to keep him active, & although most of his customers are lovely, you’ll get those privileges sods who during bad weather & knowing the roads in the villages haven’t been gritted, will phone his place of work saying their papers are late..(because he’s driving slower to be mindful of thick black ice)!
      It makes you realise some people don’t care about others, just so long as their routine isn’t broken. So sad.

    • John Garcia says:

      Unsung Heroes Claire. Unsung Heroes. Thank you Claire for such kind words to our fellow man

    • Fucking all these hoes says:

      +Danny Nicastro well we live in capitalism

    • calliph says:

      Trucking in this weather has totally sucked. Lots of semi broke down on the sides of the highway with gelled up diesel from from the cold.

    • Chrissy says:

      That was a very nice and thoughtful comment. We forget that people got up and helped others in this weather without “Needing Too” ?? ?

  12. J O says:

    How convenient the Guardian forgot to state the fact that the vortex spins out of balance because of climate change.

  13. nick amburgey says:

    In other news, zero murders in chicago today!

  14. ComradeSam1994 says:

    Is this what the Germans felt in Russia 1941??

  15. Lionheart Roar says:

    This polar weather is perfect for Chicago….Finally, the daily shootings, rapes and muggings have seen a sharp decline.

  16. Talal S says:

    Some say the world will end in fire,

    Some say in ice.

    From what I’ve tasted of desire

    I hold with those who favor fire.

    But if it had to perish twice,

    I think I know enough of hate

    To say that for destruction ice

    Is also great

    And would suffice. ( Robert Frost )

  17. America's Team says:

    Do not click read more

    Well since you did, have a great day!

  18. Tom Klecker says:

    The text in this video mistakenly attributes the ‘polar vortex’ as CAUSING the frigid cold air mass flowing southward, away from the north pole across north america and eurasia.

    The ‘polar vortex’, a continuing pattern of upper level winds circling the north pole, usually PREVENTS that from happening.

    What has changed, and is changing, is the warming, the rising heat content, of arctic waters. That leads to the unstable condition of warmer air at the bottom of the atmosphere under colder air above. The warmer will try to expand and rise above the colder air mass which is then disturbed, displaced, and will fall down to and flow along the surface. From the pole it mostly flows southward as every direction from the north pole is southward..

  19. Y.K Da Truth says:

    The Day After Tomorrow type of weather.

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