Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the systems in place to investigate and hold police officers accountable for misconduct.

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20 Responses

  1. HelloQro says:

    Funny that the same people that say “it’s just a few bad apples” also fear
    the “three poisoned skittles in a bowl”, so paradoxical, almost like a zen
    riddle …

  2. Cougarknight18 says:

    Hold police accountable for murder. But not the fucking thugs blm always
    riots about!

  3. Uncle Bad Touch says:

    But only black people get shot, But black people kill other black people,
    but white people are just as persecuted!!!!! Shut the fuck up. Do you get
    the point of this episode? It’s not about fucking race. It’s about police
    accountability regardless of any circustances. Get your shit together and
    focus your attention where it needs to be focused, by tackling 1 problem at
    a time.

  4. Omkar Chandra says:

    We are living in the era where we feel unsafe around the police officers
    and some feel safe around people like Trump. I say police officers do not
    respect the law themselves, so is all the problem.

  5. Mr Mann says:


  6. TheSuitIsNotBlack says:

    Let’s also talk about black accountability.

  7. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    I have no idea what the FBI guy is saying. Every time a police officer
    discharges his weapon, a report is made and the gun is taken away. He
    doesn’t even have to shoot a human. It can be a wild dog or a tree and the
    gun is still inspected and paperwork is filed. If it is a human, the
    investigation could take long enough to keep him at desk duties for months
    and even if it’s a dog, he’s not patrolling the street for maybe a week. If
    a department doesn’t do this, somethings wrong, and stricter guidelines
    need to be established, but we do have the data and it’s taken very
    meticulously. You can check the FBI’s own website for statistics.

  8. Flintstoned says:

    If only we could invent a device that uses electricity to incapacitate
    someone non-lethally.

  9. walter80922 says:

    And also, John, have you seen recent study showing that there is not
    actually racial bias in applications of use of force? And when they apply
    contextual items like weapon present, resistance, violent offender, white
    people are more likely to be shot by the police? This study was concluded
    this year, by an African American professor at Harvard, but you know….
    facts, meh.

  10. Arianna Smith says:

    No one is saying that NO shootings aren’t justified. But to say that the
    police are infallible and that some if not most of these killings aren’t
    ridiculously suspicious and just plain racist is horridly ignorant. Reports
    and videos taken have shown us that racism and lack of restraint plays huge
    factors in many state police departments. How is it that a white man
    threatening police with a fucking shot gun can be disarmed safely and live,
    but black men can get executed without question or hesitation and we can’t
    even agree on whether they moved threateningly or had any kind of weapon.
    All you “dindu” assholes are generalizing the cases and it’s sickening.

  11. Square Squid Studios says:

    I’d prefer to be protected by peaches then~

  12. xNoWx Pluto5 says:

    Wow I am again happy I live in Canada because in America police shoot you
    with guns and in Canada police? I can’t even remember the last time there
    was a police shooting

  13. Jordan F says:

    I am really torn on this. On one hand i really hate cops, but on the other,
    I don’t like black people.

  14. craxnor says:

    So… the police are basically government gangs?

  15. Krunoslav Stifter says:

    Kind of one sided there Oliver.

  16. Hector Adriano says:

    So are we gonna ignore the fact that the tens of thousands of homicides
    from blacks are killed by other blacks. Same with whites killing other
    white people. You know from gangs. Those guys that are stuck with the shit
    lifestyle from poor housing and job marketing, as well as shit education
    systems. That forces a number of them to a life of crime and kill the
    police as well as other black people. I support this too, police need to
    have accountability but so does the governments for not providing for poor
    black and hispanic neighborhoods that can prevent them from having a lethal

  17. Rubén R R says:

    Good video, police accountability is really important. Although one video
    will never be made by Last Week Tonight. How black violence is incredibly
    out of proportion.

  18. jetpowered1 says:

    Enter pro police union bloggers ranting in 3…..2….1……

  19. Anders Petersen says:

    Can we also talk about USA police training and education ? In the US it’s a
    high school diploma with 19 weeks of training and off you go where In
    Denmark it’s a college diploma , 8 months training and 16 months school off
    and on. Are my country having to high standard for police or is just too
    low in the USA ?

  20. Mickeystwin33 says:

    I love the fact that he didn’t say anything about race, and yet that is all
    the comment section can talk about