Police Escorting Ducks To Safety – St Andrews 2015

Police Escorting Ducks To Safety – St Andrews 2015

Mother duck and 9 ducklings were escorted off safely from Bridge Street into Kinnessburn. It’s all in a day’s work for police officers in St Andrews! Filmed on 22nd July 2015.

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20 Responses

  1. カエル says:

    Why would the mother duck lead the ducklings to fall off a cliff?

  2. op7phant0M 11012803 says:

    Now they treat animals better then humans

  3. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Meanwhile in America, Daffy Duck just got shot during a routine traffic

  4. ‫لايوجد اسم‬‎ says:

    ارحمونا يابلد الرحمه والإنسانية تغزون العالم باسم التطور وأنتم منبر الفساد
    سيعود زمن دفع الجزيه للعرب وبإذن الله تعود القوه والعزيمه لديار المسلمين 

  5. Teo G says:

    Nice if it was here in America they would have shot the mother for sport.

  6. Paffln I says:

    Now I feel so pumped up when going to work. Because I know that my hard
    earn money part going to taxes is well spent. Fu..ing joke police donut
    eaters. Find some criminals and locked em up in jail.

  7. Toby from 3DSNews says:

    Meanwhile in England

  8. Catherine3385 says:


  9. raymondfalodun says:

    If this were the U.S. those ducks would be full of bullet holes

  10. Raptor Jesus says:

    there are many things wrong with our country, but our police force isn’t
    one of them.
    bravo to the boys in blue!

  11. luf4rall says:

    Hot Fuzz deleted scenes.

  12. TheTypicalTurkey says:

    ahahhahaha got to love these 12 year olds that say the police should be
    chasing terrorists instead of messing with ducks, come back when you have a
    terrorist detector and then you can ssy something