Police in Texas say at least 5 dead, 21 injured in shooting

Police in Texas say at least 5 dead, 21 injured in shooting

Police in Texas provided details Saturday about an active shooting that left at least five dead.

They say another 21 people were injured, including some law enforcement officers.

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72 Responses

  1. Trina Bartholomew says:

    Sad! Only God knows!

  2. thefirst noob says:

    Prayers for all that are injured, killed and their families.

  3. Wayne Randleman says:

    God bless all ,police ,victims and and all involved.

  4. BeatlesFanSonia says:

    My nephew is a young police officer in Texas! I worry about him!

  5. Irene Macias says:

    Sad to say , I know the pain you are going through – we stand you Odessa, we are right beside you ! ???❤️

  6. Barbara Adler says:

    This sucks..it’s just a matter of time for a shooter to be in my town here in Pennsylvania..I don’t want it to happen but our chances are getting better for all of us

  7. Dave Gizmo says:

    Prayers for all. What a shame.

  8. Patricia Dunn says:

    My prayers go out to all the victims and their families.

  9. SavannahsDad23 says:

    Why do they always ask if the community is considered safe after an event like this as if it was safe prior to the shooting?

    • SavannahsDad23 says:

      Lord Krythic Maybe one day they’ll actually give that advice in a press conference but unfortunately the answer is usually just as cheesy as the question.

    • monica webster says:

      @FastNEzy a person with a gun could neutralize the shooter whereby making it safe for the environment.

    • Paul Ward says:

      Because we still are refusing to address the root cause of these horrible events; 1) mental illness + 2) Godlessness = 3) more EVIL in America. We better do a much better job of fixing sick people and instilling a sense of right from wrong / good VS evil in our American society. Sick, twisted, evil things are everywhere and anywhere in our midst today because we are too lazy or too afraid of confronting the complex issues facing us. Simple minds seek simple answers…”Let’s just take all the guns away from sane law abiding Americans and THAT will fix THIS!”

  10. Brett says:

    Thank you to the officers for stopping that loon.

    • Jerry Smith says:

      @Dulce periculum let’s not label people. It doesn’t help our problem. For once can we be adults and stand together and look for ways to solve this terrible problem. Name calling has never helped, but if it made you feel better to get that out, good for you. Let’s focus perhaps on this extremely difficult problem we’re facing in America. Thank you. Be careful Blues.

    • Dulce periculum says:

      @Jerry Smith Just to point out Western countries and media label Muslims as terrorists almost always immediately once it is known a brown skinned person committed the crime.. Just imagine if this were a brown person what the politicians and MSM would be saying right about now…. However I do agree with you.

    • Jerry Smith says:

      @Dulce periculum great point. I agree with you as well, especially being of color. Great wk brother.

    • Aimed2Kill says:

      @Dulce periculum Except whites are actually statistically under represented in Mass Shootings. White people: 76% ot population. But they are only 56% of mass shooters. Dont fall for what media always tells you. Learn the statistics. They are underepresented by 20% but no one will tell you that.

    • Toneloke 3000 says:

      sounds like a cherry-picked statistic to me. 56% really? All the mass Shooters in the past 30 years you line up all their faces and it will tell a different story.

  11. Ted Myrrh says:

    wow you can tell this man is under tremendous pressure. what a hard job to have to present this kind of news

  12. XIS VLOGS says:

    He’s trying so hard to keep tears back……..we all stand and pray for the victims and their families ❤️

    • Ultimate Reco says:

      @k tom ???facts

    • IHUFS says:

      He doesn’t look sad at all! What are talking about? Come on!

    • Paul Ward says:

      @k tom God was absent in the heart, head and soul of the rabid beast who committed this horrible crime against humanity. If more people (maybe like yourself) who refuse to accept even the smallest morsel of spiritual presence would TRY to see that we are all connected to each other by God…MAYBE we would see less wild animals running around doing these horrible, unspeakable acts. Maybe more God in all our lives might reduce EVIL in the world. Why don’t you try to think about this concept instead of going to your programmed, knee-jerk “There is NO God!” response.

    • Parker aka Name Family says:

      If this were a black you guys would comment totally different. The denial is ridiculous.

    • Nonya FknBusiness says:

      @Any Body Crazy is as crazy does…

  13. The pit bull father says:

    Bless his heart, he was nervous as a long tail cat in a room of rocking chairs. I hate that this keeps happening in our great country. God speed for all involved.

  14. Robert Duran says:

    I feel sorry for the victims but law enforcement good job on taking out the trash no court date good job that’s the way it should be

  15. Paranormal Princess says:

    My ?? & condolences to the family’s & friends of the innocent people who had lost their lives & injured by the senseless act of violence. May God be with you all!!! ??????

  16. Netty Abbott says:

    13 shot with 7 critical & out of surgery, one dead. “Global news” has this update from outside a hospital.

  17. Sebrina Lee Payne-Biscardi says:

    God bless all of the police officers & their families!!??

  18. Sebrina Lee Payne-Biscardi says:

    God bless ALL of the medical professionals & the community!!! ??

  19. Chris Vanworth says:

    I worked at Jaguars in Odessa, and saw so many senseless acts with guns, in the club, in the parking lot etc…it gave me PTSD….so I moved back to my hometown Santa Fe, wasn’t home a month and a psycho shot up our high school….and now I see this shit…..I’m running out of sanctuary and it’s time to stay locked and loaded apparently….Thats my advice…If you are able….get a gun, take classes, conceal…it may save your life and everybody around you…
    My heart goes out to all the folks who lost their lives, or were injured, and their families, Sure appreciate our Law enforcement responding and running toward the danger and eliminating it! Forever grateful for the ones who run in when everyone is running out….God Bless!

    • Oliver Doc says:

      @Paul Ward those intial reason u gave have some but not all influence on why this is happening. This is about priviledge my friend. Black ppl are not the ones doing mass shootings bc they have a healthy fear of the CONSEQUENCES. We are also taught 2 believe n treated as if we are inferior. Only ppl that believe they are beyond reproach would ACT on thoughts ALL of us may have had in a fleeting moment. Black, Asian, etc all suffer from mental health n all the other circumstances you named. ONLY white ppl are shooting up groups of random ppl. This is evident to ppl that are non white. Plain as day. But if u don’t know or havent had to experience the other side of white ur oblivious to it. Please be paying attention at all times.

    • Chris Vanworth says:

      @Oliver Doc ban guns? You may wish to make yourself a sitting duck but I do not. Your stupid enough to believe banning guns will make you safe? The same way they banned drugs huh….drugs aren’t a problem now because they banned them huh? How God Damned stupid can you be?

  20. YOUCEF ZACK says:

    that remember me of my country Iraq every day people dead God save us all from that madness

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