Police: Shooting at a church in Charleston, S.C.

Police: Shooting at a church in Charleston, S.C.

The Charleston Police Department’s official Twitter account posted an alert of a shooting at a church on Calhoun Street in South Carolina. CNN’s Don Lemon has the latest.

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20 Responses

  1. flowerfloss180 says:

    Fucking racist coward. And you wonder why we’re so angry…

  2. TheTruthIsRacist says:

    +James Franklin We know you’re Not White, Troll. You’re just like this
    ‘story” Fake and staged.

  3. Nelly Frenshaw says:

    YAWN. Another staged shootout by mainstream media. Getting old guys.

  4. Unsigned Artist 333 says:

    +Brian Edwards They asked him why are you doing this he said ” i came to
    kill black people” It’s in the news

  5. Ugly Coyote says:

    Because there aren’t any, and if there are people would be hit by stray
    bullets. Says a lot about our American society where people these days are
    seriously saying that people should carry guns in churches and in schools.
    It’s pathetic. No other first world country lives in this insanity. And if
    people are this hellbent on carrying guns everywhere for protection, then
    they are making the case stronger that America is a dangerous country to
    live in.

  6. Scott Smith says:

    +John cage
    These evil, cowardly perps usually prey on the “gun free” zones. There are
    MANY instances where armed citizens stop the bad guys…. use your “google”

  7. 08RamandRogue says:

    +Theory Neutral Literacy, spelling and basic grammar are all quickly
    becoming a lost art. A nation full of uneducated idiots who bend whichever
    way the wind blows is what we’ve become.

  8. any name says:

    who the fuck goes to church on a wednesday?! at night…

  9. DJ Sapien says:

    So what do all of the white conservatives who said to black people, “Act
    respectably, pull up your pants, be God fearing”? That’s what these people
    were and they’re now dead because of a white racist terrorist thug.

  10. CassieJazz96 says:

    This is really heartbreaking news. #prayingforcharleston

  11. John cage says:

    +Stan Davies show me a hate crime from black people killing white
    people..provide links please

  12. Cluez31 says:

    Dance puppets..Dance!

  13. Audi Vide says:

    Come on ISIS! Catch more white Americans and slice their heads in to tiny
    fucking pieces, so that the whole world can see!

  14. Sparky_ Jolt says:

    To sides to evil, and the innocent get fucked over. You got this crazy
    dickhead who killed 9 people (presumably because of their race) who really
    deserved to be shot on sight. But as I look at social media sights, I cant
    help but not overlook many African American leaders, black supremacists
    (Black panthers) and ultra liberals, white supremacists who seem to love to
    add fuel to the fire. I am a normal white man, stuck in between problems of
    basically two warring factions. This isn’t a country I want to live in,
    full of people that hate each other and cant get along. Ah well, humans
    will all be dead one day, unfortunately that day isn’t going to be any time
    soon, and the people like me have to live with the idiocy and hatred that
    goes on in this world. No one is the victim in the grand scheme of things,
    and every side plays a part in what goes on. That, I do know. You all are
    fucked up, and you’re making things worse than they are.

  15. reallydude111 says:

    Somehow the white people in the comments will flip this and place all the
    blames on blacks. That’s what they love to do. White people are always
    constantly pointing fingers and denying facts. It’s starting to get very

  16. dmactexas007 says:

    That little trailer park trash look like he was retarted

  17. Kenny Mccormick says:

    “There’s been a shooting in a church. Nine people are dead– here’s don
    lemon with a quote from cookie monster.”

  18. Rumia The Dark says:

    Lol. More riots.

  19. Jorge Rodriguez says:

    Obviously religious areas are dangerous.

  20. Taz says: