Polished Foil Ball Challenge, Corinne VS Pin

Polished Foil Ball Challenge, Corinne VS Pin

Consider our balls polished.

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52 Responses

  1. B Bippy says:

    Please do the Geode Wedding Cake.

  2. Lucy Lynne says:

    I knew there was something wrong with robs foil ball

  3. Stephanie Ramos lopez says:

    Why is rob wearing sunglasses indoors and at night

  4. Cassi Cow says:

    I like seeing the camera move on the table lol

    • Sky Girl says:

      Cassi Cow its like “im going to get u”

    • Инна Уварова says:

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  5. Kristen Policar says:

    7:20 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Kaydence Cook says:

    This video just proves that you should *NEVER* trust Rob.

  7. Turtle8205 says:

    Camera: le’mee get closer on that action~3:34

  8. Lauren Schechter says:

    you need micro-mesh and water and then actual polish not nail polish to get it reflective. good ball though!

    • Rireru Lu says:

      Actually no you do not, there is buzzfeed video where they contacted the person who first made the ball (creator of the idea) and he writes you need to hammer it as you roll it and repeat such till its smooth and shinny, you don’t need anything else expect hammering it. No sanding needed and no polish is needed.

  9. Harry Pham says:

    I think it would be easier if u pounded it earlier then kept building up the foil and pound it on top :)))

  10. Slimey. Oceans says:

    The easiest way to make this that actually works is to..
    1. Make a foil ball (not perfect just with your hands)
    2.throw it in the dryer with your clothes!
    3.start the dryer this takes away the static in your clothes and makes an awesome foil ball!
    Side not (you may have to put the ball through a few runs through the dryer)
    Try it out yall!♥️

  11. Antoinette Lashay says:

    I knew it! I fucking knew Rob switched the ball! Hahaha

  12. Martie B. says:

    What’s up with Rob wearing sunglasses all the time? He lookes like a battered housewife

    • Angel Face says:

      Martie B. I wear my sunglasses at night!!!

    • Jasmine Palmer says:

      Probs been smoking that 4/20

    • Naomi Buckley says:

      On a serious note he could have a condition that makes him sensitive to light, autism and adhd also has this effect sometimes

    • Frances Lawson says:

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  13. Josh Dove says:

    I’m trying so hard to figure out why you did all this work not to use the right polish in the end I wanna die

    • tu_dou says:

      The person behind the foil ball didn’t use any polish thats why

    • Olga Malone says:

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    • Tracey Harmon says:

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    • Dawny The Inspired says:


  14. Samantha J says:

    There are too many ball puns. It’s gonna have me *balling* by the end of this video.

  15. Laura-Lynn Bromwich says:

    You should make a DIY slow rise squishy. Preferably in the shape of a middle finger.

  16. Hunny I'm Glowin says:


    • MiszzMiszz says:

      no. she didnt make a proper research, she didnt try hard enough for it to actually work and at the end she didnt make it. this is not corine that i remember. idgf about house project and unfortunately it takes all their time and attention lately. no likes from me

  17. SilvieSparkles Speedpaints says:

    I was named after Audrey from little shop of horrors!

  18. Corinn Haag says:

    I demand a redo with the correct polish

  19. Sam _Siri says:

    Y did u use there wrong polish u could have used the polish Rob used and thx to show that he was lying cause I was about to do the challenge

  20. Luna Lovegood says:

    ah, i was right to be suspicious of rob.

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