Politicians Respond to Police Shootings: A Closer Look

Politicians Respond to Police Shootings: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the political response to the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, and the shooting of police officers in Dallas.
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Politicians Respond to Police Shootings: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. mister mister says:

    its great too get your news from a Clown

  2. Name 2016 says:

    “Peaceful” thats hilarious, to call these protesters peaceful is fucking
    retarded. I live near Atlanta and decided to have a calm debate with some
    of the protesters and all of them ended up shouting at me and my friend and
    even threated attacking me cause their arguments where as braindead idiotic
    as the movement they support. BLM is nothing more than a terrorist
    organization funded by rich WHITE elitist, who want nothing more than a
    army of zombies who prompts segregation! These elitists want blacks as far
    away from them, so they fund these movements to do exactly that.

  3. Elephant Warrior says:

    Proof that #nolivesmatter. All people are stupid. Lol.

  4. holmbjerg says:

    Rudy Giuliani really showed his true colours over the last week.

  5. GottGames says:

    Seth, can you please take over the Daily Show?

  6. Linda Thompson says:

    what a liberal cuck

    no wonder nobody watches his show

  7. Ross Gilmore says:

    Wait, is he still on? Seems like he is really, really hoping that saying
    idiotic things like these will boost up the ratings. It’s either that, or
    he is just an idiot. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid Seth! It’s not clever and
    it’s certainly not funny.

  8. tactical vill says:

    this show is in decline. Host is forcing his liberal views on the American

  9. Jaw Knee says:

    What a twerp.

  10. Aaron buckley says:

    Nizzewt Gizzingrich

  11. Magus says:

    man over population wouldnt be an issue if our neighbors were 99% more
    likely to kill us than a cop.

  12. Auckland357 says:

    When are you going to do a show about the 400 white people killed by cops?

  13. jhon lamppost says:

    white racist will never see things from the perspective of a minority group
    don’t bother trying to make them understand I’m white but I see and
    understand the way that nonwhite people get treated in this country I have
    family from different backgrounds I see how they get treated by police

  14. bre08005 says:

    no valid arguments.

  15. Dark Light says:

    If that black lives matter had three other letters at the end it would
    escape being called racist . black lives matter TOO.


  16. good afternoon says:

    Did he cover the Hillary stuff yet?

  17. dean jordan says:

    Seth, just so right on. So many concise, great points. Thank you for being
    a real patriot, and standing up for everyone.

  18. Jayus says:

    “First you’ve got to get mad, you’ve gotta say I’m a human being god
    dammit, my life has value” – Howard Beale
    I recommend that all of you go and watch this video, it’s old but relevant.
    it will motivate you to want change

  19. octopibingo says:

    Why after 7 years of messiah Obama are race relations worse? Because he
    built this wall of race division.

  20. Anker says:

    What racist fucks disliked this

    I just realized I set off a comment argument but idc