Polo G – Deep Wounds Official Video ?By Ryan Lynch

Polo G – Deep Wounds Official Video ?By Ryan Lynch

Listen & Download “Deep Wounds” by Polo G out now: https://smarturl.it/pologdeepwounds

Amazon – https://smarturl.it/pologdeepwounds/az
Apple Music – https://smarturl.it/pologdeepwounds/a…
iTunes – https://smarturl.it/pologdeepwounds/i…
Spotify – https://smarturl.it/pologdeepwounds/s…
Soundcloud – https://smarturl.it/pologdeepwounds/s…

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72 Responses

  1. Arrxn says:

    Before 1 Million ???? ACTUALLY BEFORE 10 HOURS

  2. Premo Cole says:

    My boy done mastered the art of keeping the same flow and using VOCABULARY ???????

  3. Devon Coleman says:

    Real fans know he rocking a Ralph Lauren suit, (+), with the Gucci belt. (= Polo G) Creativity at its finest.

  4. Crazy vlogs And gaming 2 says:

    This song type that polo g makes are the best ? my favorites songs from him are battle cry,Hollywood,finner things,Gang with me remix

  5. YKOM_ YvngKvngOfMoney says:

    *Polo G* A Real Rapper People Always Hatin On Him
    Like If *Chicago* Should Stop The Shooting

  6. Ykn Sysy says:

    “That Pain Was Unbearable , I Almost Gave Up”?. That’s A Heartfelt Bar❗

  7. Michael Craven says:

    Man Polo G talk to the soul.He moved way up on my list.Him and Durkio pulling away.Keep it up lil bro.Another 1

  8. Archie Morrid says:

    Bro I love his music ?he go through alot but he keep fighting

  9. Lil Yizzystacks says:

    Only OG fans who listened to the audio can like this


  10. Xcept says:

    bro i looped this song so many times when the leak came out

  11. Friln says:

    Like: Polo G

    Comment:James Charles


  12. ツDemarr says:

    Who here before a milly??

  13. Eat ur mom Cakes says:

    My friends got killed on the same block where we use to play ??

  14. KING MUHAMMAD says:

    James Charles has touched your toe

    Like to undo

  15. ツDemarr says:

    I know my hater checking on me i been doing great??

  16. SneakerNerd says:

    Finally another safe place the new “Stan’s” won’t find me at….

    who the real fans? Make this blue

  17. Sarah Deitz says:

    This how many times you will reload this video??

  18. iTonyC says:

    Like This If Polo G Better Than Lil Pump

  19. RiotCy says:

    My Friends got Killed On tha Same Block We Used To Play ??

  20. Yung Ganeki says:

    This dude Polo G gave us straight fire,now let’s give him some more love

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