Polo G – Don’t Play (Official Video) ft. Lil Baby

Polo G – Don’t Play (Official Video) ft. Lil Baby

Official video for ”Don’t Play” by Polo G (feat. Lil Baby)

Listen & Download ‘Hall Of Fame 2.0’ out now: https://polog.lnk.to/HOFDeluxe

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43 Responses

  1. Blexzy says:

    we all have to admit that his flow is off that charts ❤️

  2. Zuarly says:

    The amount of effort and energy Polo put into this I’s insane

    • Landon Poindexter says:

      Really 😂

    • Ziko says:

      only for fans over 18 years old

      Gaze: “Amazing”
      Lops: “Sensual”
      Smile: “sweeter”
      Body: “cold”

      So with toy and his tricks, do not read it to him that he writes well mamon there are only to laugh for a while and not be sad and stressed because of the hard life that is lived today.
      Köz karaş: ” Taŋ kaldım ”
      Erinder: ” Sezimdüü ”
      Jılmayuu: ” Tattuuraak ”
      Dene: ” Muzdak ”
      Jizn, kak krasivaya melodiya, tolko pesni pereputalis.
      Aç köz arstan
      Bul ukmuştuuday ısık kün bolçu, jana arstan abdan açka bolgon.

      Uyunan çıgıp, tigi jer-jerdi izdedi. Al kiçinekey koyondu wins taba algan. Al bir az oylonboy koyondu karmadı. ” Bul koyon menin kursagımdı toyguza albayt ” dep oylodu arstan.
      Arstan koyondu öltüröyün dep jatkanda, bir kiyik tigi tarapka çurkadı. Arstan aç köz bolup kaldı. Kiçine koyondu emes, çoŋ kiyikti jegen jakşı dep oylodu. #垃圾

      They are one of the best concerts, you can not go but just seeing them from the screen, I know it was surprising


    • The View says:

      YESSIRSKI 🔥🎤😈⚡️⛽️

    • Hxllow says:


  3. Jayden Premo says:

    Got this on repeat no cap 🚫🧢 We needed this one forsure! Idk who gonna see this but I’m an upcoming artist from Toronto. All I need is the right co-sign or opportunity to really take off in this music industry. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the day I can create an impact for my city just as Polo G did for Chicago. 💯🤞 If you see this comment give it a like, maybe this goes viral and someone from Sony or Polo’s camp sees this and gives ya boy an opportunity fr.

  4. Erased says:

    Lil baby and polo g never disappoints. They’re becoming my favorite artists

  5. Zuarly says:

    Can we all agree that when Polo uploads, he makes our day better?

  6. Brittany Dimartino says:

    Polo G is arguably the most lyrical new/up and coming rappers. In “Rapstar” he spoke facts and Still hasn’t put out a weak verse 💯

  7. Swibble says:

    Polo G and Lil baby is back with another masterpiece!!! Both never disappoints us…..

  8. ZelgiusTheBrave says:

    Lil baby never disappoints man… 🔥


    This The 2022 “March Madness” 🔥💯

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