Polo G – RAPSTAR (Official Video)

Polo G – RAPSTAR (Official Video)

Official video for “RAPSTAR” by Polo G

Listen + Download “RAPSTAR” out now: https://polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR

Amazon Music – https://polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/amazonmusic
Apple Music – https://polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/applemusic
Audiomack – https://polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/audiomack
Deezer – https://polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/deezer
iTunes – https://polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/itunes
Soundcloud – https://polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/soundcloud
Spotify – https://polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/spotify
YouTube Music – https://polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/youtubemusic

Directed by Arrad
Written & Co-directed by Polo G
Produced by Riveting Entertainment

Follow Polo G
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pologofficial/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/polo.capalot/
Tiktok – https://www.tiktok.com/@pologofficial
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Polo_Capalot


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39 Responses

  1. FutureHype says:

    *Polo G don’t miss!* 🔥

  2. Gawd Triller says:

    It’s scary when you feel like he’s talking to your soul

  3. SFS IpRoGs says:

    “Never put out a weak verse” he don’t lie …. you can tell he appreciates his fans when he releases bars like this….0 naked girls 0 flexing diamonds 100% skill

  4. HotDog HotDog Hot Diggity Dog says:

    1 million in 10 hours. He probably not even lying bout the line when saying “makin 2,000 a minute”

  5. EWILiveTV says:


  6. Tice says:

    i’m literally going to buy a bmw just to play this song in it

  7. Leandro Diaz says:

    He really said “let me release the song of the year rq”

  8. AnnoyingTV says:

    Polo G will be on Lil Baby next year

  9. Santa Claus says:

    “Shut the fu- I mean please don’t talk” hit hard for some reason

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