Polyphia – Ego Death feat. Steve Vai (Official Music Video)

Polyphia – Ego Death feat. Steve Vai (Official Music Video)

Polyphia’s new single “Ego Death feat. Steve Vai” is out now. Buy/stream at https://riserecords.lnk.to/EgoDeath

Pre-order ‘Remember That You Will Die’ now at https://www.polyphia.com/

Guitar, Bass & Drum tabs: https://polyphiatabs.com

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Production by Tim Henson, Scott LePage, Ari Starace,
Mixed by Zakk Cervini; Assisted by Nik Trekov
Mastered by Chris Athens
Drum Engineering by Bryce Butler
Featured Guitar Solo by Steve Vai
Featured Trumpet Solo by Brasstracks

Video Credits:
Production Company | Hand Crank Films
Director, Producer | Caleb Young
Associate Producer | Alyssa Von K
Director of Photography | Tyler Kalberg
1st AC | Ali Arminio
Swing | Martin Gradek
Production Assistant | Siobhan Younger
Editor | Caleb Young
Colorist | Julien Scherliss
MUA | Christiana Guerra and Gigi
Stylist | Franca Park
Styling Assistant | Colin McCalla

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32 Responses

  1. TeraBrite Games says:

    What a legendary collab!

    • TeraBrite Games says:

      @Samurai Guy yeah definitely!

    • Samurai Guy says:

      @TeraBrite Games I wasn’t accusing you of using a generic response, just explaining what the other person was saying. I think you’d have to pay attention at least a little bit and have some background information to know this collab is, in fact, legendary.

    • TeraBrite Games says:

      @Samurai Guy just showing support for our favorite band. Didn’t expect a collab with Steve Vai but it was actually really cool.

    • TeraBrite Games says:

      @Selling Soul 5 Bucks nah polyphia is literally our favorite band right now.

    • Samurai Guy says:

      @Srcsqwrn An easy method to get likes (or subs if you’re verified) is to go on as many popular videos as possible and comment positive things. You don’t even have to watch the video. You can just say things like “It’s always a great day when [channel] uploads!” Something I see a lot on videos people will watch in the background like calm music or thunderstorm sounds, like 75% of the comments are something along the lines of “if you’re seeing this, i hope you have a great day.” I don’t know about the person you replied to, but it gets on my nerves because you can’t tell if they actually watched the videos and are providing feedback or if they’re trying to get likes.

  2. M3RKMUS1C says:

    Welp, the best collaboration of the year just happened

  3. PhuzzyBond says:

    This broke music, the way the legend was brought in was a masterpiece.

  4. Baz on Blades says:

    Steve’s control of pitch is unbelievable. A monster among a group of monsters. Fantastic work.

  5. Jake Wright says:

    I cannot express how great this is. That entrance for Steve Vai was EPIC!!

  6. Nik Nocturnal says:

    This is a happy day for guitarists everywhere

  7. Justin Foster says:

    Steve is so good that even he looks surprised by the sounds the guitar makes

  8. Alacazam53 says:

    I love how Steve was basically the vocals for this song. Can he shred yes, does he have to for this song? no. this whole song was a flex with a atmosphere of a grand epic

  9. Sophie Burrell says:

    that was fucking gorgeous damn

  10. Max Lamoreaux says:

    Literal chills when I see the shot of all 3 of them back to back. Absolutely unreal. No track has made me smile like this one has. I fucking love Polyphia.

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