Pony Is Thrilled To Have Her Overgrown Hooves Finally Cut | The Dodo

Pony Is Thrilled To Have Her Overgrown Hooves Finally Cut | The Dodo

The minute this pony’s long, twisted hooves finally get cut, she starts racing around the pasture at top speed 😍

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21 Responses

  1. shot Johnny says:

    I love how Stella was distrusting of the farrier in the beginning, but then later, she was like, “oh, this guys does my nails! Me likes him.” 😂

  2. RLCnSF says:

    I’m a 64 yr old man who has loved animals my whole life, particularly horses and I am in tears. Bless you for rescuing little Stella and her friends. Getting her the care she desperately needed and bless the patient, caring, wonderful farrier who fixed her hooves. A new life for these precious animals. 🥰

    • Rick56 says:

      God bless all of our gifts from heaven known as animals. We need to care and love all of them.❤

    • Rick56 says:

      Thank you so much for rescuing. There’s a special place for you within animal heaven❤

    • LesYeuxSansVisage says:

      If your interested, our wild horses and burros are in desperate need right now. They are separated from their lifelong mates and families, and the Bureau of Land Management (using PUBLIC LANDS), is slaughtering them all. Consider contacting the AWHC, and see how you can help. They love volunteers, people who can just write a letter to say this is wrong, make a phone call, basically anything helps. A kind heart like yours, seems like it could get others on team wild horse and burro!

    • dan becker says:

      It brought me to tears too.

  3. Joni Lynelle says:

    I LOVE this story! Watching here run as fast as she could afterward was so heartwarming. Yes, her second time around she was like, “okay, do what you want with my hooves, clearly you know what’s best!”

  4. Chanda Russell says:

    I love when she’s doing laps. Such a happy girl after getting her hooves done. What a personality.

  5. Jimmy Duncan says:

    Wow, the contrast between before and after really kicks you in the feels when you see her galloping around the field.

  6. Amber Stamp says:

    To see her hooves like they were was heart wrenching then see her run and just to be able to walk normal was so amazing!! I admire those hearts that are evolved in equine rescue it really takes a special type of person ❤

  7. Sidilicious says:

    Aw! Thanks for rescuing little Stella and getting those hooves trimmed! She looks so happy now.

  8. Norma Wingo says:

    She responded so well to being cared about, and showed her gratitude, what a sweetheart. You’re so good to help her.

  9. Alicia Pineda says:

    Mil bendiciones para todas las personas que ayudaron y rescataron y le limaron sus pezuñas, gracias pobrecito no caminaba bien gracias a ustedes está feliz 🐎👏👏

  10. Sandy Bowers says:

    Her true personality was able to come back❣️what an incredible inspiration! Thanks so much for giving Stella back her groove ❤
    Seeing her run and play brought me happy tears 🥹 ❤

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